Sangri County Shopping

Stone Pot(石锅)is produced in Dagu Village(达古村), Zengqi Township(增期乡), Sangri County(桑日县). Local farmers and herdsmen usually use the multi-purpose vessels collected materials which are similar to the jade from remote mountains to make the commonly used stone pot, stone hoarding, stone bowl, stone tray, etc. They are collectively known as the stone pot.

Zhalang Wickerwork(扎嘎柳编): Rongxiang Township(绒乡), Zhalang Area(扎嘎地区)is rich in willow artwork, and the local farmers and herdsmen weave various baskets with the willow, such as grain storage bin, dosser baskets, and livestock cribs, which are more famous in the central districts of the Lhoka Prefecture, Sangri County.

There are also other special products in Sangri County including Dagu wooden bowl(达沽木碗), Waka tallowtree seed oil(沃卡青油), Sangri hand-made Tibetan Carpet(桑日手工藏式卡垫), Sangri Tibetan eggs(桑日藏鸡蛋), Sangri cordyceps(桑日虫草), Fritillaria thun-bergli(贝母)and so on.

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