Shannan Dining

In this part, Shannan Dining shows you Shannan food culture and food information such as Zanba, Yak butter tea, highland barley wine and the like. Shannan is always regarded as one of the important destinations in the classical Tibet Travel. What's more, Shannan Dining is as beautiful as the sceneries here. Especially, the dishes historically cooked by the Tibetan people, the main ethnic group in Shannan, should not be missed when you come to Shannan. 

What to Eat in Shannan

Shannan, or Lhoka is located in a relatively sparse area and the climate is a little bit harsh. And the special food we are going to advise is the same as the traditional food in other area.

Dishes in Shannan


Tsampa is known as the national food of Tibet. Tibetan people may have this everyday. It is usually made of ground barley flour and often mixed with butter or yak butter tea.

Yak Meat(牦牛肉)

Living in the area above 3,400 meters all year round, yaks often eat wild herbs such as fritillaria, cordyceps and so on. Therefore, their meat is delicious and tasty. Tibetan people’s origin is the nomadic tribe, so the yak and other animals can be seen almost everywhere. So, the beef is the main food in Tibetan people’s table. Beef here is much more tasty than beef of other places since yak here can ramble freely.


Mutton is another specialty in Shannan. Honestly speaking, the mutton is also the main food of Tibetan people, which is the same as the beef. The meat of sheep and goat is different, so before you order the dishes, you can tell the restaurant what kind of meat you want to eat.


Tingmo is a type of steamed bun or bread. It is usually served along with other foods but sometimes it is stuffed with meat or cheese. This is a good choice to stow your belly when you are very hungry.


Gyurma is a type of blood sausage made with yak or sheep’s blood and other spice. It is very difficult to find this kind of food in other places of China.

Drinks in Shannan

There are also a number of traditional drinks enjoyed by the people of Shannan. Please refer to the following:

Yak Butter Tea(酥油茶)

Locally known as Po Cha or butter tea, yak butter tea is made from yak butter, tea leaves, and salt. It is served hot. Butter tea has become a necessity in Shannan due to the climate-where the air is brutally thin and cold, which can give them energy, fat and calories. Nomadic people drink it because they’re outside a lot and it keeps them warm.

Highland Barley Wine(Chong)(青稞酒)

Highland barley wine, with its unique style of pure fragrance and sweetness, enjoys great reputation in the western areas of China. Compared to other Tibetan food and drinks, the barley wine is a unique drink for Tibetans. Moreover, from choosing materials, immersion, cooking, fermentation and blending, each procedure is very particular and careful. Therefore, highland barley wine is necessary at festivals, marriage feasts and on some other important Tibetan occasions. In November 2011, highland barley wine and its brewing technology were rated as intangible cultural heritages of China.

Sweet tea(甜茶)

We tend to say the Barkhor Street is the heartland of Lhasa, if so, we could say that sweet tea is the blood vessel maintaining the life of Tibet. Of course, sweet tea in Shannan also plays an inseparable role in the daily life of Tibetan people. Therefore, when you come to Shannan, do not miss the chance to have a cup of sweet tea.


Tibetan yogurt is a kind of unique dairy product in the Tibetan area. It is made with the yak milk which has been extracted yak butter. It is rich in nutrition, helpful for digestion, producing saliva and slaking thirst. It is most suitable for the old people and children.


A soup made with cheeses, tsampa, and either yak or sheep stock is very delicious.


Thukpa is a kind of noodle soup, usually served with mutton or yak meat with some vegetables.

Where to Eat in Shannan

Tibet Cuisine

  • Tsetang Restaurant(泽当饭店)
    Tel: (0893)7821899
    Add: No. 19 Nedong Road, Tsetang Town, Nedong District(乃东区泽当镇乃东路19号)
  • Nedong Yueguang Restaurants(乃东月光饭店)
    Tel: (0893)7831555
    Add: Opposite to the Yueguang Xinjian Grand Market, No. 2 Gongbu Road(贡布路2号月光新建大市场对面)
  • Luozha Sisters Tibetan Restaurant(洛扎姐妹藏餐馆)
    Add: No. 9 Anhui Avenue(安徽大道9号)
  • Tongga Shengkang Tibetan Restaurant(童嘎圣康藏式餐厅)
    Tel: (0893)7823332
    Add: No. 20 Nedong Road, Nedong District, Shannan(山南市乃东区乃东路20号)

Halal Food

  • Halal Lanzhou Lamian Noodles(清真兰州拉面)
    Tel: /
    Add: No. 21 Youyi Road, Gonggar County, Shannan City, Tibet Autonomous Region(西藏自治区山南市贡嘎县友谊路21号)
  • Halal Yiyuan Xinjiang Rice Restaurant(清真伊缘手抓饭店)
    Tel: /
    Add: No. 29 Youyi Road, Gonggar County, Shannan City, Tibet Autonomous Region(西藏自治区山南市贡嘎县友谊路29号)
  • Halal Muslim Snack Store(清真穆斯林小吃店)
    Tel: /
    Add: No. 306 Provincial Highway, Sangri County, Shannan City(山南市桑日县306省道)

More about Restaurants in Shannan

Where to Drink in Shannan

  • Xiangyue Milk Tea(香约奶茶)
    Tel: 15289181193
    Add: Diagonally Opposite of Tsetang Neighborhood Committee, Sare Road, Nedong District, Shannan City (山南市乃东区萨热路泽当居委会斜对面)
  • Jiangong Tea Garden(建工茶园)
    Tel: (0893)7831234
    Add: No. 55 Nedong Road, Nedong District, Shannan City(山南市乃东区乃东路55号)
  • Kangsang Teahouse(康桑茶馆)
    Tel: /
    Add: About 100 meters in Front of Jiazhulin Town Village Committee, Gonggar Airport (贡嘎机场甲竹林镇村委会前方100米左右)

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