Shannan Festivals and Activities

Shannan Festivals and Activities include a brief introduction of festivals and activities for Shannan Festival Tour and tell travelers what to do in Shannan, such as including Tibetan New Year and more events. According to the long record of Shannan(Lhoka) history, it has many "firsts" honor and that’s the reason why Lhoka was recognized as "the cradle of Tibetan culture". They are: the first king of Tibet - Nie Chi Zanpu; the first palace - Yungbulakang; the first temple - Tradruk Monastery; the first piece of farmland-Sedom(索当); the first sutra classics; the first Tibetan Opera, etc., were all born in Shannan. Many festivals are held in Shannan region in its counties, district, monasteries and villages to celebrate the harvest season, the New Year or Losar and natural elements such as birds. Thus it’s an exciting thing to enjoy Shannan’s festivals and events.

Festivals in Shannan(Lhoka)

Date Festivals Notes
 Jan. 1st of Tibetan Calendar Tibetan New Year Feb. 24th-Feb. 26, 2020; Tibetan Minority;
Jan. 15th of Tibetan Calendar Butter Lamp Festival The last climax of the New Year Festival and the celebration of Monlam Prayer Festival
Jan. 4th of Tibetan Calendar Monlam Prayer Festival Religious festival in Tibet
Mar. 15th of Tibetan Calendar Festival of Birds Tibetan Minority
Apr. 1st-15th of Tibetan Calendar Saga Dawa Festival The traditional festival of Tibetan Buddhism
Jun. 30th of Tibetan Calendar Shoton Festival August 30- September 5, 2019; Tibetan Minority
Between Jun. and Jul. of Tibetan calendar Horse Racing Festival Tibetan Minority
First ten days of Jul. of Tibetan Calendar Bathing Festival Tibetan Minority
Before the autumn harvest  Wangguo Festival  Tibetan Minority
Oct. 15th of Tibetan Calendar Palden Lhamo Festival Women; Tibetan Minority
Oct.25th of Tibetan Calendar Lotus Lantern Festival Religious festival in Tibet

Activities in Shannan

Tibetan Family Daytime Visiting(藏民家访)

Tibetan people are one of the most important Chinese minorities with unique traditions and customs, who are most concentrated on the western borders of China. They are very open to the world. Tibetan home visiting in Shannan is a good way to learn about the culture and way of life of today’s Tibetan families. It’s a interactive activities of experiencing the original, unique and colorful Tibetan customs. 

Yalong Culture Festival(雅砻文化节)

Date: July 25th-27th
Location: Shannan
Since 1992, the first Yalong Cultural Festival was held in Tsetang Town, Shannan. The purpose is not only to promote Shannan culture, but more importantly to promote the entire Tibetan culture. During the festival, there are a variety of national sports competitions, ethnic songs and dances, Tibetan opera, as well as colorful ethnic costume performances.

Shannan Goods Trade Fair(山南物交会 )

Date: December 1st-7th
Location: Shannan
Beginning in 1981, it is a unique goods trade fair based on barter. At the right time, the surrounding people and the villagers from Shannan and the merchants in the neighboring countries gathered together. The old Tsetang Town was full of glory and the scene was lively and extraordinary. 

Pilgrimage Festival(朝山节)

Date: August 3rd
Location: Shannan
Buddhists thought that this day was the first time that Buddha Sakyamuni opened the altar to teach the scriptures. Therefore, it was necessary to visit the temple with new clothes and to enjoy the songs and dances. People dressed in new clothes and brought food, rushed to the temples on the mountains near Shannan to worship Buddha and chanting.

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