Shannan Education

Shannan(Lhoka) Education introduces some information about the kindergartens, primary schools, middle schools, high schools and vocational-technical schools in Shannan of Tibet Autonomous Region. It helps you to design students education tours with local schools in Shannan City. With long history, splendid ethnic culture and Buddhist culture, Shannan Education is better compared with other places in Tibet, except for Lhasa, Shigatse, Qamdo. What's more, Shannan is a excellent destination to start your students education tour.

According to the official website in March 2016, there were 349 schools of various types at all levels in Shannan, including 1 secondary vocational and technical school, 2 high schools, 15 junior high schools, 1 nine-year compulsory education school, and 97 primary schools. There were 132 teaching points and 101 kindergartens (including civilian-run and independent kindergartens). There were 58,772 students in the school, including 9,648 high school students (including vocational school students), 14,703 junior high school students, 27,225 primary school students, and 7,296 children in preschool and kindergarten. The enrollment rate of primary school children was 99.92%; the enrollment rate of junior high school was 107%, and the enrollment rate of high school was 73%. The non-literacy rate remained above 99%. There were 4,736 faculty members in primary and secondary schools in the whole region, and the qualifications of full-time teachers in primary, middle and high schools have reached 98%. Among them, there were 3 special-class teachers, 133 senior teachers and 1,850 intermediate teachers.

Vocational Schools in Shannan

Chinese Name English Name Address
西藏山南市职业技术学校 Shannan Vocational-technical School in Tibet No. 7 Anhui Avenue, Tsetang Town(泽当镇安徽大道7号)
山南市第二职业技术学校 Shannan No. 2 Vocational-Technical School Tsetang Town, Nedong District, Shannan City, Tibet(西藏山南市乃东区泽当镇)
科网职业技能培训学校 Kewang Vocational Skill Training School No. 35 Nedong Road, Tsetang Town(泽当镇乃东路35号)
山南市雅砻职业培训学校 Shannan Yalong Vocational Training School No. 26 Kampot East Road, Tsetang Town(泽当镇贡布东路25号)

Middle and High Schools in Shannan

Chinese Name English Name Address
西藏山南桑日中学 Shannan Sangri Primary School in Tibet Sangri County, Shannan(山南市桑日县)
山南市第一高中 Shannan No.1 High School No. 91 Nedong Road, Nedong District(乃东区乃东路91号)
山南东辉中学 Shannan Donghui Middle School No. 1 Hunan Road, Nedong District(乃东区湖南路1号)
西藏扎囊县中学 Zhanang County Middle School in Tibet No. 1 Zheyang Road, Zhetang Town(扎塘镇折养路1号)
西藏山南市第二高中 Shannan No. 2 High School No. 32 Anhui Avenue, Nedong District(乃东区安徽大道32号)
西藏山南贡嘎县中学 Shannan Gonggar Middle School Nearby No. 101 Provincial Highway, Shannan City(山南市贡嘎县101省道附近)
西藏贡嘎农村实验中学 Gonggar Countryside Experimental Middle School No. 22 Changsha Road, Gonggar County, Shannan City(山南市贡嘎县长沙路22)

Primary Schools and Kindergartens in Shannan

Chinese Name English Name Address
西藏山南试验幼儿园 Shannan Shiyan Kindergarten in Tibet No. 1 Jibo Alley, Nedong District, Shannan(山南市乃东区吉波巷1号)
措美县中心幼儿园 Central Kindergarten in Comai County  Nearby Comai County Primary School, Shannan(山南市措美县措美镇完小附近)
加查县双语幼儿园 Bilingual Kindergarten in Gyaca County Zhongba Street, Gyaca County, Shannan, Tibet(西藏自治区山南市加查县仲巴街)
星光幼儿园 Xingguang Kindergarten Qingwa Dazi Road(青瓦达孜路)
格拉村双语幼儿园 Bilingual Kindergarten in Gamla Village East 50 meters, 202 Provincial Highway(202省道东50米)
扎囊县幼儿园 Zhanang County Kindergarten No. 1 Kaibaka Road, Samye Town(桑耶镇凯巴卡路1号)
西藏山南市第三小学 Shannan No. 3 Primary School in Tibet No. 9 West Xiangqu Road, Nedong District, Shannan, Tibet(西藏自治区山南市乃东区香曲西路9号)
西藏山南市一小 Shannan No. 1 Primary School in Tibet No. 5 Gongbu Road(贡布路5)
错那县完全小学 Cona County Primary School Nearby Xiari Road(夏日路附近)
泽当镇完小 Tsetang Town Primary School West 150 meters, Aqu Alley, Nedong District, Shannan(山南市乃东区阿曲巷西150米)
洛扎镇完全小学 Lhozhag Town Primary School No. 2 Xialu Road, Lhozhag County, Shannan, Tibet(西藏自治区山南市洛扎县夏鲁路2号)
西藏山南市第三小学 Shannan No. 3 Primary School No. 9 Xiangqu West Road, Nedong District, Shannan City, Tibet Autonomous Region(西藏自治区山南市乃东区香曲西路9号)

Students Educational Tours in Shannan

Through the excellent education tours, children can get the opportunities to broaden their horizons, exercise their will, learn good habits, etc. At present, there are all kinds of education tours in Shannan. Tibetan Minority Tour is a highlight of education tours in Shannan. What's more, Shannan is the best place to visit the historical and cultural sites due to the profound history. Hence, it is a good place to take a Shannan Education Tour, which can make students to experience the Tibetan Culture, such as Tangka Painting.

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