Nyingchi Education

Nyingchi Education introduces some information about the kindergartens, primary schools, middle schools, high schools, vocational-technical schools, universities in Nyingchi of Tibet Autonomous Region. It helps you to design students education tours with local schools in Nyingchi City.

As of 2005, there were 192 schools of various types in the Nyingchi Region, with 30,345 students, which initially formed an educational system combining kindergarten, primary, secondary and secondary vocational education. The enrollment rate of primary school-age children is 98.3%, the population coverage of “ the 6th national population census” is 100%. There are 1 secondary vocational school in the whole area, with 1,591 students and 10 in ordinary middle schools, including 2 high schools with 4,448 students, 8 junior high schools with 8,347 students, 65 primary schools with 18,613 students. At the end of the year, there were 4,799 children in kindergartens, increasing 1,366 compared with that of the previous year. The enrollment rate of primary school-age children in the whole region reached 99.8%.

Universities and Vocational Schools in Nyingchi

Chinese Name English Name Address
林芝市职业技术学校 Nyingchi Vocational-technical School No. 19 Guangfu Avenue, Bayi Town, Bayi District(巴宜区八一镇广福大道19号)


Tibet Agriculture & Animal Husbandry University No. 8 Xueyuan Road, Bayi District, Nyingchi, Tibet(西藏自治区林芝市巴宜区学院路8号)
西藏大学(林芝校区) Tibet University (Nyingchi Campus) Bayi Town, Nyingchi(林芝市八一镇)

Middle and High Schools in Nyingchi

Chinese Name English Name Address
林芝市第一中学 Nyingchi No. 1 Middle School No. 78 West Yucai Road, Bayi Town(八一镇育才西路78号)
巴宜区中学 Bayi District Middle School No. 10 Middle Nyingchi Raode(尼池中路10号)
林芝市实验学校 Nyingchi Experimental School West Section of Fuzhou Avenue, Bayi Town, Bayi District, Nyingchi(林芝市巴宜区八一镇福州大道西段)
波密县中学  Bome County Middle School Zhamu East Road, Zhamu Town, Bome County, Nyingchi City(林芝市波密县扎木镇札木东路)
朗县中学  Nang County Middle School No. S306 Nang County, Nyingchi City, Tibet Autonomous Region(西藏自治区林芝市朗县S306)
林芝市第二高级中学  Nyingchi No. 2 Senior High School Baji West Road, Bayi District, Nyingchi City, Tibet(西藏林芝市巴宜区巴吉西路)
墨脱县中学  Medog County Middle School Shuangyong Road, Medog Village, Medog Town, Medog County, Nyingchi(林芝墨脱县墨脱镇墨脱村双拥路)

Primary Schools in Nyingchi

Chinese Name English Name Address
林芝市第一小学 Nyingchi No. 1 Primary School No. 133, North Shuangyong Road, Bayi Town(八一镇双拥北路133号)
西藏林芝市第二小学 Tibet Nyingchi No. 2 Primary School No. 9 Bayi Street, Bayi Town, Bayi District(巴宜区八一镇八一大街9号)
巴宜区八一镇小学 Bayi District Bayi Town Primary School Tourism Branch, Bayi District, Nyingchi(林芝市巴宜区旅游支线)
林芝县完全小学 Nyingchi Complete Primary School West 300 meters, Nyingchi Bridge(林芝大桥西300米)
米瑞乡中心小学 Mirui Township Central Primary School Bayi District, Nyingchi, Tibet(西藏林芝市巴宜区)
鲁朗小学 Lunang Primary School Bayi District, Nyingchi(林芝市巴宜区)

Kindergartens in Nyingchi

Chinese Name English Name Address
红星幼儿园 Hongxing Kindergarten No. 1 Building, Kongpo Expression(工布印象1号楼)
林芝市幼儿园 Nyingchi Kindergarten No. 1 Guangzhou Avenue(广州大道1号)
工布江达县幼儿园 Gongbo’gyamda County Kindergarten Southeast of Gongbo’gyamda Government(工布江达镇政府东南)
林芝市阳光幼儿园 Nyingchi Yangguang Kindergarten No. 46 Deji Road, Bayi District, Nyingchi(林芝市巴宜区德吉路46号)
林芝市文武学校(幼儿园) Nyingchi Wenwu School(Kindergarten) No. 9 North Section, Bayi Street, Bayi District, Nyingchi(林芝市巴宜区八一大街北段9号)
西藏林芝市第二幼儿园 Tibet Nyingchi No. 2 Kindergarten Youth-targeted Apartment, Yingbin Avenue, Bayi District, Nyingchi, Tibet(西藏自治区林芝市巴宜区迎宾大道青年公寓)
朗福幼儿园 Langfu Kindergarten Nearby Nang County Central Primary School, East 50 meters, Langdun Road(朗敦路东50米朗县中心小学附近)
波密县幼儿园 Bome County Kindergarten No. 3 Moming Road, Bome County, Nyingchi(林芝市波密县茂名路3)

Students Educational Tours in Nyingchi

Through the excellent education tours, children can get the opportunities to broaden their horizons, exercise their will, learn good habits, etc. At present, there are all kinds of education tours in Nyingchi. Tibetan Minority Tour is a highlight of education tours in Nyingchi. What's more, Nyingchi is the best place to visit the historical and cultural sites due to the profound history. Hence, it is a good place to take a Nyingchi Education Tour, which can make students to experience the Tibetan Culture, such as Tangka Painting.