Zhanang County Attractions

● Dratang Monastery(扎塘寺): About 48km east of Gongkar airport is the turn-off to the 11th-century Dratang Monastery(扎塘寺), located 2km off the main road in the Drannang Valley. This small Sakyapa monastery of only eight monks is of interest mainly to art specialists for its rare murals, which combine Indian and inner Asian stytles. Bring a torch to see the murals.

● Chimpu Meditation Center(青朴风景区): Chimpu Mountain became famous because Padma Sambhava and living Buddha Trisong Detsen has beem practiced here and that is why Chimpu Meditation Center is regarded as the holy land for devout stylites.

● Samye temple(桑耶寺): It was established in 8th centery, and the first temple which mixes Buddhism, Taoism。

● Mindroling Monastery(敏珠林寺): it was established in1677,which is renowned as the Buddhism Temole in Tibet. And the Temple is focusing on learning of scripture, Tibetan medicine and other useful potencies. It is one of the most famous scenic spots in Tibet.

● Lang Sai Ridge Manor(朗赛岭庄园): this is an epitome of ancient Tibetan slavery society, reveals the sagacity of the ancient people in building the manor. And this an important scenic spot in this area.

● The green park resort: the altitude of this resort is 4,300 meters. There are 108 caves for practicing scripture and 108 springs as well as 108 sky burial places. It ia an enshrine of visiting Buddhism temples.