TangSongSang Kalin in Zhanang County, Shannan

Chinese Name: 康松桑卡林
English Name: TangSongSang Kalin
Location: Located in Zhanang County, Shannan
Admission Fee: Free
Opening Hours: All the day

About TangSongSang Kalin
TangSongSang Kalin is located about 1.5 km south of Sangye Temple(桑耶寺) on Sangye Town(桑耶乡) in Zhanang County, Shannan.

Architectural style of TangSongSang Kalin
TangSongSang Kalin was built in the style of Wuzi Hall(乌孜大殿) of the Sangye temple(桑耶寺). It can be seen from this that TangSongSang Kalin was founded in the late eighth century, a little later than the Sangye temple. At the beginning of this century, there was a comprehensive maintenance in TangSongSang Kalin. It is a building seating in the east facing the west, ranked only second to Wuzi Hall(乌孜大殿) of the Sangye temple(桑耶寺), with a total area of 4,000 square meters. It has a Han architectural style, also it has the characteristics of Tibetan architecture on the column head, and the architecture style connecting Tibetan and Han is not very common in Tibet.

The early murals had been destroyed already and plus the Great Cultural Revolution destroyed for ten years. There were no relics left in the temple, but the buildings and later murals were still better preserved. TangSongSang Kalin is a well preserved ancient building, which still has high value for studying the early construction, murals and other aspects of Tibet.

Attraction Transportation: 
We can take a shuttle bus from Shannan to Zhanang County, then transfer a local mini bus to TangSongSang Kalin.
Attraction Travel Tips:
· pay attention to respect the local customs in TangSongSang Kalin.
· 1 – 2 hours travel.
· best season to travel: all the year round.