Zhangmu Town Education

As of 2010, there are 8 schools of all types and at all levels in Nyalam County. In 2013, Nyalam County invested 1.1 million yuan in the faculty dormitory project of Yarlêb Township and 1.8 million yuan in the kindergarten project attached to the Central Primary School of Borong Township. The enrollment rate in junior high schools reached 97.6%, and the consolidation rate was 98.5%.

Chinese Name English Name Address
烟台幼儿园 Yantai Kindergarten Yantai Road, Nyalam Town, Nyalam County, Shigatse(日喀则市聂拉木县聂拉木镇烟台路)
聂拉木县双语幼儿园 Nyalam County Bilingual Kindergarten Nyalam Town, Nyalam County, Shigatse(日喀则市聂拉木县聂拉木镇)
聂拉木镇中心小学 Nyalam Town Central Primary School 日喀则市聂拉木县烟台路1号
聂拉木县樟木镇中心小学 Central Primary School in Zhangmu Town, Nyalam County Zhangmu Town, Nyalam County(聂拉木县樟木镇)
西藏聂拉木县亚来乡中心小学 Central Middle School in Yarleb Township, Nyalam County, Tibet Yarleb Township, Nyalam County, Tibet(西藏聂拉木县亚来乡)
聂拉木县中学 Nyalam County Middle School Nyalam County, Tibet(西藏聂拉木县)

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