Zhangmu Town Shopping

What to Buy in Zhangmu Town

1. Thangka painting

Thangka is a type of scroll painting done on damask or cloth and it is an excellent representation of Tibetan art. Featuring Buddhists, folktales and fables, Thangka is full of religious symbolism. Thangka is typically used as decorations, and it is collector's items as well.

2. Tibet knife

A Tibet knife, to a certain degree is a symbol of Tibet and would make a wonderful keepsake of your trip. (Tips: knives are not permitted to be carried aboard a plane; even the consignment with luggage is prohibited. It can only be sent to your country by express.)

3. Cushion

Another beautiful handcraft is the 'cushion' which is a kind of Tibetan carpet. Cushions from Shigatse are the most well-known for their design and color. There are various patterns like the traditional dragon, phoenix, sea, cloud and plants.  the cushions are usually sold in pairs. It's a wonderful decoration for your house.

4. The Golden and Silver Wares

The golden and silver wares are famous both for their exquisite workmanship and unique design. Most of these wares are in the form of jewelry and ornaments like rings, earrings and necklaces. You may also find some household items including vessels like flagon, chopsticks and plates as well as some religious items like prayer wheels.

5. Tibetan Shoes

Tibetan shoes in Tibet have a long history of more than 600 years, its characteristics are a variety of styles and sizes. Tibetan people, men and women, old and young, can wear this kind of shoes. The rough tweed shoes with leather soles are embroidered with various designs, such as dragons, snakes, etc. The sole is made of cowhide and the upper is decorated with red and green woolen cloth. It is colorful and exquisite, mostly hand-made. At present, although few people choose to wear Tibetan shoes, as a form of national handicraft, Tibetan shoes also have a high artistic value and have long enjoyed a good reputation at home and abroad. For tourists, Tibetan shoes are great tourist souvenirs during their trip to Tibet.

6. Zhangmu Tea Table

The Tibetan Zhangmu tea table is also known as the camphor wood tea table. It is produced in Zhangmu Town, Tibet. There are many camphor trees in Zhangmu Town. The bark of camphor trees is yellowish brown and slightly gray, and the heartwood is reddish brown with fine texture and intricate lines. It's bright in color after painting, not easy to deform after drying. It is easy to engrave due to strong durability.

If you want to know more details, please refer to: Shopping Tips in Tibet.

Where to Buy in Zhangmu Town

It is easy to buy the souvenirs in Zhangmu Town with reasonable price. There are some exclusive shops in Zhangmu Town. Of course, you can buy the local products from the local families, which ensure what you buy is authentic.

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