Zhangmu Town Transportation

Zhangmu Town lies in the southern piedmont of the median Himalayas, about 776 km (482 mi.), away from the capital of Tibet Lhasa. It also borders Nepal to the south. Sino-Nepal Friendship Bridge is only more 10 km(6 miles) away and another 100 km (62 miles)'s drive will lead you into Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. After the completion of the Sino-Nepal Road, it has become the most welcome attraction for visitors and traders.

How to Get to Zhangmu Town

By Plane

There are no airports in Zhangmu Town, but visitors can go to Shigatse by plane and then transfer to Nyalam County by long-distance bus. 

By Train

The main project of the Zhangmu Railway Station has been basically completed, and supporting facilities such as the station square and the bus station are also under construction. According to the architectural color, the color of the interior and exterior of Zhangmu Train Station uses the traditional color pattern, which is the most popular in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, such as terra rossa and brilliant yellow. When passing through the waiting hall and entering the exit, the Nyalam white station canopy, the largest and widest span throughout the country, heaves in sight.

By Long-distance Bus

During the tourist season, Zhangmu Town has long distance buses to Lhasa, Shigatse, which takes about 18 hours. Its departure time is fixed, every week there are about two to three buses. What's more, it is easier to charter a car or thumb a lift. Meanwhile, there are buses that are used to send foreign visitors out of the Town.

Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, there are three buses from Lhasa Xijiao Bus Station, Beijiao Bus Station and Liuwu Bus Station to Zhangmu Town. The bus departs at 8:30 and bus fare is no more than CNY 300.

By Self-driving

Known as the "tourist gold line", China National Highway 318 (G318) runs from Shanghai to Zhangmu on the China-Nepal border. It is the longest China National Highway at 5,476 kilometres (3,403 mi) in length and runs west from Shanghai towards ZhejiangAnhuiHubeiChongqingSichuan, and ends in Tibet. From Lhasa to Zhangmu it is also called Friendship Highway. At the Sino-Nepal Friendship Bridge, it connects with the 115 km long Araniko Highway to Kathmandu, passes through Zhangmu Town and is an important economic artery in the county and the whole region. The county has basically formed a county-level three-level road network. Self-driving has become the important way to get to Zhangmu. What's more, you are advised to drive to Zhangmu with a experienced driver.

How to Get Around Zhangmu Town

When traveling in Zhangmu Town, driving or to charter a car is the best way to get around Zhangmu Town. Of course, taxi is the other choice. However, the taxis in Zhangmu Town are not easy to be available.

Please Note: Since the earthquake in Nepal in 2015, Zhangmu Town has been completely closed and has not been accessible so far. Please contact us if you plan to visit.