How to Get to Mount Kailash from Lhasa

This article introduces the transportation between Mount Kailash and Lhasa. Mount Kailash has been translated into precious snow gemstones. It is not only beautiful, but also attracts thousands of Buddhists and Hindus because it is the most sacred mountain in Tibet. The best thing about Mount Kailash is that it’s not too high, not too high, to get altitude sickness and not too low with a dull landscape. Instead, its perfect height is 2,2027 feet, which gives it a wonderful experience and landscape. Four of the most important rivers are flowing near Mount Kailash, which makes it a miracle in itself, namely the Indus, Yarlung Zangbo, Satlej and Kanali rivers.

How to Get to Mount Kailash from Lhasa?

By Private Car Rental

You can chose to get there by private car rental. The whole distance is about 1213 km. It has a long way to go. You might spend 28 hours for driving.


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