Mount Kailash Administrative Divisions

As one of the famous mountains in China, Mount Kailash is located in the northern part of Burang County in Ngari, southwest of Tibet Autonomous region. Therefore, Mount Kailash is under the jurisdiction of Burang County in Ngari. Burang County has jurisdiction over 1 Town and 2 townships. It is further divided into 1 community and 9 villages. 

1 Town: Burang Town(普兰镇)
2 Township: Baga Township(巴嘎乡) and Huoer Township(霍尔乡)

Detailed Administrative Divisions

Administrative Divisions Areas Under Jurisdiction
Burang Town Jirang Community(吉让社区), Duoyou Village(多油村), Rengong Village(仁贡村), Xide Village(细德村), Kejia Village(科加村), Chide Village(赤德村)
Baga Township Gangsha Village(岗沙村), Xiongba Village(雄巴村)
Huoer Township Gongzhu Village(贡珠村), Bangren Village(帮仁村)

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