Mount Kailash Shopping

There are not too many options for Mount Kailash Shopping in the area around Mount Kailash. If you want to buy some souvenirs or some daily necessities, you are suggested to prepare in advance or get them in Lhasa where is usually the first stop of Tibet Tour. Of course, some basic snacks and daily necessities available in Ngari. The nearby Burang County is also a good choice to buy some local products such as Tibetan Crafts and Burang Wooden Bowl, etc. 

What to Buy in Burang County

Religious Objects

Tibet has a long history of Buddhism. In Tibet, many people's lives are dedicated to Tibetan Buddhism. Religious customs are part of everyday life, from chanting mantras and prostrating in a local square to walking the "kora" around a temple or sacred site. Therefore, religious objects are essential. The best known religious souvenirs you can carry back to your land from Tibet are the Tibetan incense sticks, the Tibetan thangka, the Tibetan prayer wheels, Tibetan Buddhas, Tibetan mask, Buddha beads and the prayer flags.

Tibetan Crafts

These traditional crafts are made from a variety of things including precious metals, natural materials and so on. Silver and copper are precious metals and natural materials are usually bamboo, wood and even bones. Tibetan handicrafts are very popular in the whole world. There are many handicraft products full of local flavor and ethnic style in Tibet, including various kinds of traditional Tibetan weaved and knited products like wooden bowls, silver bowls and bamboo bowls. There are also Tibetan knife, Tibetan rugs, masks, daggers, etc. 

Burang Wooden Bowl (普兰木碗)

Wooden bowl is the daily necessity of the people of all ethnic groups in Tibet, it is also an exquisite traditional handicraft. The wooden bowl is extremely precious to the local people. Each person has his own special wooden bowl, which they usually carry with them to hold Zanba or tea. Burang wooden bowl is the most famous one. The wooden bowl is mainly made of high-quality wood such as birch and tung tree, etc. It is characterized by light weight, not easy to break and easy to carry. Using wooden bowls to hold food keeps the food flavor and is not easy to burn your mouth.

Ornaments Made of Yak Bone

Yak is the best friend of the Tibetan and is praised as a beautiful sacred animal by the Tibetan people. As a unique decoration, the yak bone is primitive and wild, adding a wild charm to the wearer.

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Where to Buy in Burang County

Besides the shops in the county, some stores can be seen in scenic area during tourism season. There is famous market in Burang County, Ngari - Burang International Market. It is known for the Mount Kailash and Lake Lake Manasarovar. Burang International Market is also a scenic spot now. The products sold there are mainly from Nepal and India. Here below are some places you can shop.

  • Pulan Border Trade Market中国西藏普兰边贸市场
    Address: Provincial Road 207, Burang County, Ngari阿里地区普兰县207省道
  • Dege Tourist Shop德格旅游商品店
    Address: National Road 219, Burang County, Ngari阿里地区普兰县219国道
  • Kongque Supermarket Wholesale Department孔雀超市批发部
    Address: No.2, Gongga Road, Burang Town, Ngari阿里地区普兰镇贡嘎路2号
  • Shunping Tourist Supplies Center顺平旅游用品中心
    Address: Burang County, Ngari阿里地区普兰县
  • Fulong Shopping Center富隆购物中心
    Address: No.8, Guangxi Road, Coqen County, Ngari阿里地区措勤县广西路8号
    Tel: 0897-2612586
  • Zanghan Baiyi Supermarket藏汉百益超市
    Address:No.9, Shiquanhe East Road, Gar County, Ngari 阿里地区噶尔县狮泉河东路9号
    Tel: 0897-2669999/17708979888

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