Nightlife and Entertainment in Lhasa

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Although tourism has boosted Lhasa’s economy in recent years, compared with other cities in China, nightlife in Lhasa is no doubt much simpler. Entertainment in Lhasa is limited to watching Tibetan singing and dancing performances, tasting night market snacks, or finding a decent bar to drink with friends. But all of these are worth a try because the unique atmosphere is full of flavor of Tibetan traditional culture and modern culture.

Visit Night Market

1. Tinahai Night Market in Lhasa

The Tianhai Night Market on the western suburd of Lhasa is the most famous, largest and busiest night market in Lhasa. Tourists from home and abroad are attracted by snacks, fruits and handicrafts on both sides of the street. Every night, the streets are full of people and ablaze with lights. Tianhai night market is famous for its wide variety of commodities and its cheaper price than Barkhor Street.

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Lhasa Dining

2. Barkhor Night Market in Lhasa

The noted Barkhor Street is multi-functional. Barkhor Street is not only the oldest commercial street in Lhasa, but also a famous Circumanbulation. In the evening, it becomes the night market. Although the street at night is no less lively and active than during the day, it is more attractive when night falls in Lhasa. If you take a walk in Barkhor Street, you will see some people making a prostration. This scene occurs only on the streets of Lhasa.

Enjoy the Night View

1. Potala Palace

The Potala Palace is usually the first stop for 99% of visitors travelling to Tibet. The Potala Palace during the day is magnificent, but don’t miss the night view of the Potala Palace. As night falls, lighting systems and musical fountains Breathe new life into the Potala Palace, giving it a new look. The charming night view of the Potala Palace has also attracted many tourists. The musical fountain in the square changes in shape with the rise and fall of the music rhythm. In addition, some local Tibetans dance and sing on Potala Palace Square. Therefore, this is a good place to enjoy Tibetan songs and dances, as well as Tibetan traditional costumes. This is also a good way to relax.

2. Yutuo Street

The Yutuo pedestrian Street in Lhasa is a good place to explore local life. One end of Yutuo Street is connected to Potala Palace Square and the other end to Jokhang Temple Square. It is the window of Lhasa and the first tarmac road in Lhasa. The pedestrian street brings together three major shopping malls in Lhasa: Lhasa Department Store, Lhasa Jinggu Shopping Mall and Lhasa International Trade Building. In the evening, people like to go for a walk in Yutuo Street, bustling and hilarious.

3. Lhasa Beijing Road

Lhasa Beijing Road is the bar street of Lhasa. At night, the whole street was illuminated by colored lights and became very busy. The road is decorated with neon lights and striking billboards, and bars and stalls with colorful billboards are blooming like flowers at night.

Watch Drama and Opera

1. Princess Wencheng Drama

Time: 21:30~23:00
Fee: 380/480/580/880/1280 CNY per person
Address: Princess Wencheng Theatre, China Tibetan Culture and Tourist Creative Park, Cijiaolin Village, Chengguan District, Lhasa

Princess Wencheng Drama is a large-scale outdoor live-action show played under the starlit sky at night, which presents the moving story of Princess Wencheng’s marriage to Songtsen Gampo. The whole performance of Princess Wencheng consists of five scenes including prosperity of Ancient Tang Dynasty, Buddhist Music of Heaven and Earth, Great Beauty of Tibetan Dance, God of the Plateau and Harmonious Beauty between Tibet and Han. It reveals the long trip of Princess Wencheng from Changan to Lhasa. Combining with the culture, history, folk-custom and natural landscape of Han and Tibet, Prince Wencheng Drama tell this moving story with ancient Chinese dance, Tibetan dance, and Tibetan Opera. Each part presents the truehearted love between Princess Wencheng and Songtsen Gampo, and shows the harmony between China’s Tang Dynasty and Tubo Kingdom. Princess Wencheng Drama becomes a must-see in Lhasa.

2. Tibetan Singing and Dancing Show-Langma opera

If you go to Lhasa for the first time, another Tibetan singing and dancing performance you must see is Langma Opera. At first, Langma meant “royal music” in Tibetan, but over time Beijing opera has became the favorite of locals and civilians. Xinshidai(New Era) Langma Hall is one of the real and pleasant places to watch the performance. Visitors can drink beer and enjoy dance in a real cultural environment.

Bars in Lhasa

The bars of Lhasa are attractive because of their exotic flavors. Especially at night, foreigners like to meet their friends there and share their travel stories with each other. At times, bars are a good place to sit alone and relax, read and listen to music.

1. Makye Ame Restaurant(玛吉阿米餐厅)
Address: Barhkor Street, Chengguan District, Lhasa拉萨市城关区八廓街
Tel: 0891-6328608
Introduction: The restaurant not only serves delicious food, but also provide tourists with tasty sweet tea, yogurt, and other beverages.

2. Ganglamedo Bar & Restaurant(岗拉梅朵酒吧餐厅)
Address: No.127, Beijing East Road, Lhasa(Across from Yak hotel)拉萨市北京东路127号(亚宾馆斜对面)
Tel: 0891-6333657
Introduction: This restaurant is another restaurant which offers soft beverages as well as special Tibetan drink such as chang, pinjopo and the like.

3. Lhasa MUSE Slow Roll Bar拉萨缪斯慢摇酒吧
Address: No.47, Beijing Middle Road, Lhasa拉萨市城关区北京中路47号
Tel: 15298116993

4. Snow Lotus Bar雪莲花酒吧
Address: No.52, Beijing West Road, Chengguan Road, Lhasa拉萨市城关区北京西路52号

5. On the Road Pub在路上酒吧
Address: North Deji Road, Chengguan District, Lhasa拉萨市城关区德吉路北段
Tel: 18689016323

6. Barkhor Cafe(八廓咖啡店)
Address: South Side of Johkang Temple Square, Chengguan District, Lhasa拉萨城关区大昭寺广场南侧
Tel: 0891-6326892

7. Music Kitchen
Address:Intersection of Junmin Road and Sera Middle Road, Chengguan District, Lhasa拉萨市城关区军民路与色拉中路交叉口
Tel: 18855219449

Tips for Travelling in Lhasa at Night

1. While bars or pubs are a great place to meet different friends and experience exotic life, visitors are strongly advised to avoid drinking until they fully acclimatize to the plateau environment, as drinking may exacerbate altitude reactions. If you like bars, don’t drink too much.

2. Pay attention to keep warm. Like other places in Tibet, the temperature difference between day and night is large in Lhasa, so wear warm clothes and shoes when going out at night. 

3. Respect their eating habits. Horse meat, dog meat, donkey meat and fish are prohibited there.

4. Keep your personal belongings, since there are also many people at night markets and bars in the evening.