Lhasa to Qamdo Transportation

Chamdo, officially Qamdo, and known in Chinese as Changdu, is a prefecture-level city in the eastern part of the Tibet Autonomous Region, China. Its seat is the town of Chengguan in Karuo District. Chamdo is Tibet’s third largest city after Lhasa and Shigatse.

How to Get to Qamdo from Lhasa?

By Flight

There are 3 flights departing from Lhasa to Qamdo. It costs  CNY 1510 for Economy Class Seat with 1 hours and 20 minutes journey.

If you want to know more information about flight schedules and booking, please transfer to Lhasa-Qamdo Flights.

By Long Distance Coach

There are only one long distance coach running from Lhasa Coach Station to Qamdu every five days. It costs CNY280.

Lhasa Coach Station
Add: No.1 Minzu Road, Chengguan District, Lhasa
Tel: 0891-6831812


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