Qamdo Attractions

Qamdo attractions will feast your eyes with beautiful scenery of lakes, magnificent mountains and amazing glaciers, which will be the highlight of your Tibet travel. Qamdo is the third largest city after Lhasa and Shigatse. You may find both brilliant historic sites and fabulous sights there. Lots of spectacular sightseeing in Qamdo wait for your further discovery. For foreign travelers, it is available to visit beautiful Midui Glacier, Lhegu Glacier and Rawok Lake.

Top Attraction in Qamdo

The most attractive sites in Qamdo must be the crystal green Rawok Lake in Baxoi County, surrounded by snow covered mountains and imposing glaciers. There are more Qamdo attractions to explore, such as Galden Jampaling Monastery, Karub ruins and Lhegu Glaciers, etc. 

Monasteries and Temples in Qamdo

Galden Jampaling Monastery is the most famous one among the monasteries in Qamdo.  It is also known as Qambaling Monastery, Changbalin Monastery, or Qiangbalin Monastery. The top of things to see in Chamdo is the god dance in Jampaling Monastery. Each year, during the Butter Sculpture Festival, there is god dance performance. 

Snow Mountains in Qamdo

Snow mountains are also challengable trekking sites for adventurers. Meili Snow Mountain(梅里雪山)also named as Kawagarbo Mountain(卡瓦格博)in Zogang County, is known as the first sacred mountain on the border of the southwest of China and Yunnan-Tibet. It is also the first sacred mountain in Tibet, which has a reputation as the “father of Snow Mountain”. Its main peak, Kawagarbo, is 6,740 meters above sea level with its northwestern section mainly located in Zogang County. 

Mountains in Qamdo

Besides the hiking experience, mountains in Qamdo also offer you magnificent and impressive scenery. Dongda Mountain is the must-visit one among those. It is lawn green and attractive in summer with yak group and extremely beautiful scenery.

Rivers in Qamdo

Lakes in Qamdo

Rawu Lake is well-known for its tranquil and colorful water. It turns to dark blue, turquoise or any other colors in accordance with seasonal changes. Green meadows, white snow capped peaks, grey and white water birds, and clear blue sky reflect themselves in the lake water and form a charming picture. Visitors will be definitely stunned by this picturesque scenery.

Valleys in Qamdo

Hot Springs in Qamdo

Historical and Cultural Sites in Qamdo

Karub Ruins is recommended for you to know more about the earlier history and culture of Qamdo. Qamdo was once an important post on the Ancient Tea-horse Road, therefore, it is necessary to visit the Ancient Tea Horse Caravan in Riwoqe if you are interested in tea culture.

Grasslands and Nature Reserves in Qamdo

Bangda Grassland is fertier one in Qamdo. The unique grassland environment also makes Bangda Grassland an important medicinal plant. There also grow the fritillaria, ginseng fruit, rhubarb, big leaf radix gentianae macrophyllae and rhodiola, and one of the most famous Chinese caterpillar fungus, etc.

Other Attractions