Qamdo Administrative Divisions

Qamdo Administrative Division tells you places to visit and gives information about the towns and counties of Qamdo. As of November 2014, Qamdo has jurisdiction over 1 district and 10 counties. It is further divided into 24 towns and 118 townships. The seat of government of Qamdo is Karub District.

1 District: Karub District(卡若区).

10 Counties: Jomda County(江达县), Gonjo County(贡觉县), Riwoqe County(类乌齐县), Dengqen County(丁青县), Zhagyab County(察雅县), Baxoi County(八宿县), Zogang County(左贡县), Markam County(芒康县), Lhorong County(洛隆县), Banbar County(边坝县).

Administrative Division Map of Qamdo

Detailed Administrative Division of Qamdo

# Administrative Divisions Area( Population Seat of Government Areas Under Jurisdiction
1 Karub District 10800 220,000(in 2015) Chengguan Town城关镇 Chengguan Town(城关镇), Karuo Town(卡若镇), Guro Town(俄洛镇), Sagang Township(沙贡乡), Mongda Township(芒达乡), Ruxi Township(如意乡), Retong Township(日通乡), Cêrwai Township(柴维乡), Yorba Township(约巴乡), Karma Township(嘎玛乡), Ormaika Township(若巴乡), Ngêxi Township(埃西乡), Toba Township(妥坝乡), Latog Township(拉多乡), Mainda Township(面达乡)
2 Jomda County 13164.09 76,026(in 2010) Jomda Town江达镇 Jomda Town(江达镇), Gamtog Town(岗托镇), Qongkor Township(邓柯乡), Üpäl Township(岩比乡), Kargang Township(卡贡乡), Sibda Township(生达乡), Nyaxi Township(娘西乡), Zigar Township(字呷乡), Qu’nyido Township(青泥洞乡), Woinbodoi Township(汪布顶乡), Dêrdoin Township(德登乡), Tongpu Township(同普乡), Bolo Township(波罗乡)
3 Gonjo County 6323.11 40,000(in 2003) Molo Town莫洛镇 Molo Town(莫洛镇), Mindo Township(敏都乡), Zêba Township(则巴乡), Langmai Township(罗麦乡), Sêrdong Township(沙东乡), Kêrri Township(克日乡), Bumgyê Township(木协乡), Awang Township(阿旺乡), Lhato Township(拉妥乡), Qangsum Township(雄松乡), Lha’gyai Township(哈加乡), Gyanbê Township(相皮乡)
4 Riwoqe County 6355.48 49,870(in 2010) Sangduo Town桑多镇 Sangduo Town(桑多镇), Riwoqê Town(类乌齐镇), Jiduo Township(吉多乡), Gangse Township(岗色乡), Binda Township(滨达乡), Kamaduo Township(卡玛多乡), Shangka Township(尚卡乡), Yiri Township(伊日乡), Jiasangka Township(加桑卡乡), Changmaoling Township(长毛岭乡)
5 Dengqen County 11562 84,774(in 2014) Dengqen Town丁青镇 Dengqen Town(丁青镇), Chidu Town(尺牍镇), Shagong Township(沙贡乡), Muta Township(木塔乡), Buta Township(布塔乡), Bada Township(巴达乡), Ganyan Township(甘岩乡), Gata Township(嘎塔乡), Sezha Township(色扎乡), Xiexiong Township(协雄乡), Sangduo Township(桑多乡), Dangdui Township(当堆乡), Jueen Township(觉恩乡)
6 Zhagyab County 8413 53,628(in 2010) Yanduo Town烟多镇 Yanduo Town(烟多镇), Jitang Town(吉塘镇), Xiangdui Town(香堆镇), Zongsha Township(宗沙乡), Kentong Township(肯通乡), Kagong Township(卡贡乡), Kuoda Township(扩达乡), Xinka Township(新卡乡), Wangka Township(王卡乡), Azi Township(阿孜乡), Bari Township(巴日乡), Rongzhou Township(荣周乡), Chala Township(察拉乡)
7 Baxoi County 12564.28 39,021(in 2010) Baima Town白玛镇 Baima Town(白玛镇), Ranwu Town(然乌镇), Bangda Town(帮达镇), Tongka Town(同卡镇), Linka Township(林卡乡), Kari Baiqing Township(卡瓦白庆乡), Yiqing Township(益庆乡), Jizhong Township(吉中乡), Jida Township(吉达乡), Lagen Township(拉根乡), Guoqing Township(郭庆乡), Wa Township(瓦乡), Xiali Township(夏里乡), Yongba Township(拥巴乡)
8 Zogang County 11700 45,852(in 2014) Wangda Town旺达镇 Wangda Town(旺达镇), Tiantuo Town(田妥镇), Zhayu Town(扎玉镇), Dongba Township(东坝乡), Zhonglinka Township(中林卡乡), Meiyu Township(美玉乡), Xialinka Township(下林卡乡), Bitu Township(碧土乡), Renguo Township(仁果乡), Raojin Township(绕金乡)
9 Markam County 11431 80,000 嘎托镇 Gatuo Town(嘎托镇), Rumei Town(如美镇), Quzika Township(曲孜卡乡), Muxu Township(木许乡), Naxizu Township(纳西族乡), Zhubalong Township(朱巴龙乡), Qudeng Township(曲登乡), Xuzhong Township(徐中乡), Bangda Township(帮达乡), Gebo Township(戈波乡), Luoni Township(洛尼乡), Cuowa Township(措瓦乡), Angduo Township(昂多乡), Zongxi Township(宗西乡), Mangling Township(莽岭乡), Suoduoxi Township(索多西乡)
10 Lhorong County 8108 50,000(in 2014) Zituo Town孜托镇 Zituo Town(孜托镇), Shuodu Town(硕督镇), Kangsha Town(康沙镇), Mali Town(马利镇), Yuxi Township(玉西乡), Xinrong Township(新荣乡), Dalong Township(达龙乡), Lajiu Township(腊久乡), Exi Township(俄西乡), Zhongyi Township(中亦乡), Baida Township(白达乡)
11 Banbar County 8894 30,818(in 2000) Caoka Town草卡镇 Caoka Town(草卡镇), Banbar Town(边坝镇), Mawu Township(马武乡), Reyu Township(热玉乡), Nimu Township(尼木乡), Shading Township(沙丁乡), Jinling Township(金岭乡), Jiagong Township(加贡乡), Maxiu Township(马秀乡), Duwa Township(都瓦乡), Lazi Township(拉孜乡)

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