Qamdo Transportation

Qamdo transportation is at a relatively developed level in Tibet. Qamdo is in the hub area of Tibet and Sichuan and Yunnan, and is the east gate of Tibet. It is an important traffic channel linking Tibet with the mainland. Qamdo traffic mainly relies on road and aviation. National highway 214, 317, 318, and the provincial road 303, etc, pass through the territory. The road surface is mostly sand-stone road surface. During the rainy season, the natural disasters such as the debris flow, landslide and the like occur, often leading to the interruption of the traffic; Qamdo Bangda Airport has the routes to Lhasa and Chengdu, which is convenient for travel, but due to its location in the plateau, the takeoff and landing of the flights are greatly affected by the weather.

How to Get to Qamdo

Qamdo is located in eastern Tibet, traffic mainly relies on road and aviation. Most travelers choose to go to Qamdo from Lhasa because Lhasa is usually the starting destination of a Tibet tour. From Lhasa, travelers can take a flight to Qamdo which costs only about 1.5 hours or take long-distance bus which could spend a long time.

By Air

Qamdo Bangda Airport is more than 130 kilometers from the downtown area, and currently opens the routes to Lhasa, Chengdu, Chongqing, Tianjin and Xi 'an. You can take the airport bus or the taxi to the airport from urban area, the cost of the taxi is about 250-300 yuan, and the carpool is 50 yuan/ person. Chengdu Office of Qamdo Bangda Airport provides telephone booking services. The tickets can be pre-advised, and they can also be purchased directly at the Chengdu Civil Aviation Ticket Office.

Flights to Qamdo

Flights from Qamdo

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By Train

Qamdo Station, also known as the Qamdo Railway Station, is a passenger and cargo dual-purpose station on the Sichuan-Tibet Railway, located in the city of Qamdo, Tibet. It is still under construction.

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By Long-distance Bus

There are long-distance buses from Qamdo Bus Station to Chengdu, Lhasa, Markam, Zayu, Nagqu, Nyingchi, Bome and other places. From Chengdu to Qamdo, you can take long-distance bus at Chengdu Xinnanmen Bus Station or Qamdo Hotel, with the journey of 3 days and 2 nights, in case of road disruption, it may be longer; It is about 1000 kilometers from Qamdo to Lhasa, 4 days and 3 nights driving, coupled with poor road condition, the departure schedule is uncertain, if the number of passengers is more than 20, passengers can negotiate with the bus station for temporary departure. 

By Tourist Bus

In addition to the long-distance bus, local tourism administration of Qamdo occasionally provides the tourist bus to Lhasa. Because it is arranged especially for tourists, driving at night is not permitted. So it takes a long time on the road, about 5 to 6 days. During the journey, tourists have to stay in the hotels to rest or eat(these Hotels are also designated units of tourism bureau). The ticket price: 280 yuan for domestic guests and 350 yuan for foreign guests.

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How to Get Around Qamdo

By City Bus

The city buses running through the downtown of Qamdo are minibuses. The ticket fare is 1 yuan, and you need to prepare banknote and changes. There are 4 bus lines in Qamdo city, major stops of the four bus routes are set as follows:

  • No. 1 Bus: Tibetan Medicine Hospital, Bus Station, Agricultural Bank of China.
  • No. 2 Bus: Construction Bank of China, Cinema, Qamdo Security Bureau, People's Hospital, People's Park.
  • No. 3 Bus: Kangsheng Hotel, Agricultural Bank of China, Tibetan Medicine Hospital, Sichuan Bridge (四川桥, Xiatong Street (夏通街).
  • No.4 Bus: Dabang Street (邦达街), Bus Station, City Square, Galden Jampaling Monastery.

By Taxi

Starting price of Qamdo taxis is 5 yuan, however, the driver doesn't use the caculator, the charge for the driving within the urban area doesn't exceed 10 yuan. Remember to take your belongings with you.

By Car Rental

The traffic in Qamdo is inconvenient, especially there are few regular buses between various scenic spots. It is suggested to rent a car for the whole journey. The cost is about 1000 yuan/day, and 1,500 yuan/day in peak season, excluding oil fee. If you want to rent a car, please contact us. We're confident that our experienced and skilled driver and good-condition vehicle will leave you a deep impression. 

By Bycycle

Cycling is popular in Qamdo. There are several shops renting bikes in Qamdo city. The highly recommended way is to contact a travel agency, not only for convenience, but also for your safety. If you want to have a hiking tour in Qamdo, please contact us, we have Tibet cycling tours including Qamdo, well arranged for your choice.

By Pedicab 

There are many pedicabs in Qamdo urban area, generally can be seated with two people, and the fare for the trip in the urban area is about 3-4 yuan.

By Suburban Area Bus

If you want to travel to regional tourist destinations such as Dêngqên County, Markam County, Baxoi County and Yanjing Town, you can take suburban buses at Qamdo Bus Staion, and transfer to other counties from the destination county bus station.

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