Lhasa Transportation – By Long Distance Bus

Five highways including Sichuan-Tibet Highway, Qinghai-Tibet Highway, Xinjiang-Tibet Highway, Yunnan-Tibet Highway and China-Nepal Highway, pass through the mysterious high land. Choose to enter Tibet from Yunnan or Sichuan, you need a transfer to reach Lhasa.

Long-diatance Bus Stations in Lhasa

All districts and counties in Lhasa have their own bus stations. There are long-distance buses from Lhasa to Lanzhou, Golmud, Chengdu, Shigatse and other places. You can also take regular bus at the bus stations to travel around Lhasa.

Lhasa Long-distance Bus Schedule

There are many long-distance buses and regular buses to and fro Lhasa. Here below are just part of them.

Departure Station Destinations Duration Fare
Lhasa Bus Station Chengdu 45 hours 500 yuan
Lhasa Bus Station Chongqing 46 hours 560 yuan
Lhasa Bus Station Lanzhou 32 hours 380 yuan
Lhasa Bus Station Golmud 21 hours 210 yuan
Lhasa Bus Station Ningxia 37 hours 392 yuan
Lhasa Bus Station Shigatse 4-5 hours 38/60/80 yuan
Lhasa Bus Station Qamdo 17 hours 280 yuan
Lhasa Bus Station Nagqu 6 hours 44/63/80/100 yuan
Lhasa Bus Station Shannan 2 hours 20/27/40/50 yuan
Lhasa Bus Station Damxung 3 hours 44 yuan
Lhasa Bus Station Tingri 10 hours /
Lhasa Bus Station Zhangmu 14 hours /
Lhasa Bus Station Yadong 8.5 hours 88/100 yuan
Lhasa Bus Station Xining 29 hours 200/340 yuan
Lhasa North Suburb Bus Station Tashilhunpo Monastery 5 hours /
Lhasa North Suburb Bus Station Shangri-la 27 hours 501/551 yuan
Lhasa North Suburb Bus Station Mount Everest 13 hours at least 1900 yuan
Lhasa North Suburb Bus Station Ngari 26 hours 651/701/751 yuan
Lhasa North Suburb Bus Station Rinbung County 3.5 hours 36/41/46 yuan
Lhasa North Suburb Bus Station Namtso Lake 5.5 hours 200 yuan/a day
Lhasa East Suburb Bus Station Damxung 3.5 hours 30 yuan
Lhasa East Suburb Bus Station Yangbajing 2 hours 15 yuan
Lhasa East Suburb Bus Station Ganden Monastery 1.5 hours 10 yuan

Note: The above information is just for reference, the specific is subject to the local bus stations.

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