Nagqu Railway Station

About Nagqu County

Located in the central by north part in Tibetan Autonomous Region and between Tanggula Mountains and Nyainqentanglha mountains, Nagqu County borders on Dangxiong County in the south, Nierong and Anduo County in the north, Biru and Jiali counties in the east and Bange County in the west. With an average elevation of more than 4,450 meters and total area of 6,195 sq km, the longest distance from east to west is 233 km and from south to north is 185 km.

Nagqu Railway Station

Built at 4513 meters above sea level, Nagqu railway station is the second most important train station in Tibet. Being both the transit station and depot station along the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, it is 8 km south of Nagchu town, 322 km from Lhasa railway station and 820 km away from Golmud train station. The station was constructed in 2006, which is located in Emadige village of Mendi town, Nagqu County and is close to Qinghai-Tibet Road. 

The station is composed of comprehensive station rooms, commodity warehouses and other buildings, covering an area of 7,412 square kilometers, of which 2,540 square kilometers are comprehensive buildings. As a major railway station in Tibet, this station is furnished with unique Tibetan decoration. Nagqu is famous for Nagqu horse racing festival in August, if you’re interested, you can get off the train at Nagqu railway station to enjoy the festival celebration and watch horse racing competition.

Train Schedules of Nagqu Railway Station

Beijing – Nagqu: T27, T28;

Chengdu – Nagqu: T21, T22, T23, T24;

Chongqing – Nagqu: T221, T222, T223, T224;

Lanzhou – Nagqu: K917, K918;

Xining – Nagqu: N917, N918,

All the above trains pass and stop at Nagqu Railway Station. Also tourists can take the train at the station to Lhasa.