Rapeseed oil industry helps reduce poverty

2019-12-17 16:46:00 China Tibet Online

In recent years, Lhatse County in Shigatse City, southwest China’s Tibet has persisted in relying on resource advantages and focusing on cultivating businesses to comprehensively promote the development of poverty alleviation industries.

In 2016, the Lhatse County Mt. Qomolangma Green Food Processing Co., Ltd. invested 17.8583 million yuan(2.5517 million US dollars)to build a 10,000 mu (about 666.67 hectares) rapeseed production and processing base, which was completed and put into production in November 2018.

This year, the base is expected to achieve an annual profit of about five million yuan (714,000 US dollars), provide 30 stable jobs, and distribute more than 400,000 yuan (57,000 US dollars) in dividends to 144 impoverished people.

The base has become a new local economic growth point.