Shigatse Attractions

There are many monasteries and temples in Shigatse, so apart from the world-renowned Mount Everest, the scenic spots in Shigatse are mainly monasteries. 

Top Attractions

Shigatse boasts abundant tourist resources in Tibet, including mysterious Tibetan monasteries, magnificent snow mountains, stunning lakes, unique ethnic culture and the like. The outstanding one is bound to be Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world. Besides, religious culture takes an important position in Shigatsa, so the second highlight of Shigatse is the spectacular monasteries of different sects of Tibetan Buddhism.

Monasteries and Temples in Shigatse

Like other places in Tibet, Shigatse is full of strong religious atmosphere. Monasteries and temples can be seen everywhere. Since there are too many Monasteries and temples in Shigatse, we list just some of them. As follows: 

Mountains and Rivers in Shigatse

The terrain of Shigatse is complex and diverse, basically consisting of high mountains, broad valleys and lake basins, with an average elevation of more than 4000 meters.

Lakes in Shigatse

Hot Springs in Shigatse

Historical and Cultural Sites in Shigatse

Other Attractions