Shigatse Museum (Zongshan)

Shigatse Museum(日喀则博物馆) is located in Samzhubze District, Shigatse of Tibet. Shigatse Museum Is a state-owned museum established in 2009.

Shigatse Museum is located at the southern foot of Nisheat in the old city of Xigaze, a national historical and cultural city. It looks like the Potala Palace in Lhasa, which is called “Little Potala Palace”. Xigaze Museum is 3,896 meters above sea level. It is a section-level public institution under the management of the Cultural Bureau of Xigaze City. At present, there are 13 official staff. The museum is responsible for the collection, storage, exhibition, research and education of cultural relics (physical objects) of Xigaze City.

Xigaze museum covers an area of 44000 square meters, exhibition area of 7443 square meters, collect more than 3200 cultural relics, with “treasures”, “18 counties (district) features”, “xigaze economic and social construction achievement exhibition”, “colorful collection-xigaze intangible exhibition” a total of four permanent exhibition hall, our museum is not only the only all-round, multi-angle comprehensive museum xigaze nature, history, folk culture, also reflect the xigaze cultural scenery, history and culture of the encyclopedia.

Since its opening, the Xigaze Museum, although it has not been included in the national free open museum sequence, the museum is not only open to the general public free permanent exhibition, but also introduced the ” Glorious History —— the first Party to the 18th National Congress of the temporary exhibitions. Since its opening, the Xigaze Museum has received more than hundreds of thousands of visitors. The Xigaze Museum has now become a patriotism education base for primary and middle school students in Xigaze city, an important external publicity window of Xigaze city, and a unique name card of our city.