Shigatse Peace Airport

Shigatse Peace Airport is a dual-use military and civilian airport, located in Jiangdang Township, Samzhubze District, Shigatse City, Tibet. It is 3782 meters above sea level, 43 kilometers from the urban area of Shigatse, and is a 4C class airport. Shigatse Peace Airport is the fifth civilian airport in Tibet after Lhasa Gonggar Airport, Qamdo Airport, Nyingchi Airport and Ngari Airport, opened on 30 October 2010. It can provide Airbus A319, Boeing 737 and other models with take-off and landing. Construction of Shigatse Airport started in 1968 and was completed in 1973. It was solely for military use until 2010, when a 532 million yuan expansion was completed.

Basic Information

Chinese Name 日喀则和平机场
English Name Shigatse Peace Airport
The Date for Being Open to Air Traffic Oct. 30, 2010
Airfield Grade 4C
Airport Type Dual-use military and civilian Airport
Address Jiangdang Township, Samzhubze District, Shigatse
Runway Length 5000 meters
Altitude 3782 meters

Domestic Services

Airlines Destinations
China Eastern Airlines(MU) Shanghai/Hongqiao(Stopover in Xi’an), Jinan, Xi’an
Tibetan Airlines(TV) Chongqing, Chengdu
Air China(CA) Chengdu
Shandong Airlines Chengdu
Shenzhen Airlines Chengdu

Location of Shigatse Peace Airport

Shigatse Peace Airport is located in the east of Jiangdang Township, Samzhubze District, Shigatse City, south of the Brahmaputra River Valley, 43 kilometers from Shigatse City. It officially opened on October 30, 2010, at 09:50.

Airport Transportation

1. Airport shuttle bus and taxis are available in the urban area of Shigatse City, so you can take airport bus or taxi to Shigatse Peace Airport.

2. On September 15, 2017, the Special Expressway from Shigatse airport to Shigatse city officially opened to traffic, the total length is 40 kilometers. The total investment of the project is 2.323 billion yuan. The completion of the expressway will shorten the distance from the city to the airport by 30 minutes, greatly facilitate the travel of local residents and promote the development of local tourism.

3. Main Line of the Special Expressway: the Crossroad of Shigatse Airport and G318-Jiangdang Township-Gadong Town of Bainang County-Bazha Township(巴扎乡)-Jiacuoxiong Township(甲措雄乡)-Lianzhuo Village(联卓村).

Significance of Constructing Shigatse Peace Airport

The navigation of Shigatse Peace Airport has further enhanced the air transport support capacity within the Tibet Autonomous region, improved the regional air transport network layout and comprehensive traffic system, and is conducive to further optimizing the airport construction layout in the Tibet Autonomous region; Speeding up the improvement of the three-dimensional transportation system of Tibet’s highway, railway, air, and pipeline transportation; Attracting investment for Shigatse and expanding the opening up; And promoting the coordinated development of local economy and society. It is of great strategic significance to promote the development of economy and society in Tibet Autonomous region by leaps and bounds and to keep the social situation stable for a long time.

Shigatse is the second largest city in the Tibet Autonomous region. There are high quality tourist resources, such as Mount Everest, Tashilhunpo Monastery and Sakya Temple, as well as rich Tibetan culture. However, because Shigatse is a plateau city with an average altitude of 3836 meters, People from the plain area should take good precautions before traveling.

Surrounding Attractions

1. Tashilhunpo Monastery扎什伦布寺

Founded by the First Dalai Lama in 1447, Tashilhunpo Monastery is one of the six big monasteries in Tibet. It is the seat of the Panchen Lama, the second ranking person in the Gelugpa Tibetan Buddhist hierarchy, after the Dalai Lama. The monastery houses the tombs of Panchen Lamas and a 22.4-meter statue of Maitreya Buddha. Tashilhunpo remains popular among the Tibetans, as they carry on coming here on pilgrimage.

2. Sakya Monastery萨迦寺

Sakya Monastery, also known as Pel Sakya, is a Buddhist monastery. As the seat of the Sakya school of Tibetan Buddhism, it was founded in 1073 by Konchok Gyelpo(萨钦贡噶宁波). Its Mongolian architecture is quite different from that of temples in Lhasa and Yarlung Zangbo River. The only surviving ancient building is the Lhakang Chempo(克楚拉康) or Sibgon Trulpa(西贡).

3. Mount Everest

Mount Everest(Qomolangma) is the main peak of Himalayas, which is located in the boundary between China and Nepal with its north slope in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and its south slope in Nepal. In Tibetan language, ‘Qomo’ means nymph and ‘Langma’ means the third because there are four peaks around Mount Everest and it ranked the third. As the highest peak in the world, the height of Mount Everest is 8844.43 meters according to the measurement of China’s state bureau of surveying and mapping.

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Shigatse Peace Airport Flight Schedule(Mainly Direct Flights)

Flight No. Airlines Departs Arrives Duration Arrival Airport Frequency Full Price
CA3938 Air China 10:30 12:40 2h10m Chengdu Shuangliu Airport Tue, Thu, Sat 4210¥ Business Class
TV9844 Tibet Airlines 10:30 12:40 2h10m Chengdu Shuangliu Airport Tue, Thu, Sat 4210¥ Business Class
ZH3944 Shenzhen Airlines 10:30 12:40 2h10m Chengdu Shuangliu Airport Tue, Thu, Sat 4210¥ Business Class
MU9626 China Eastern Airlines 15:10 23:20 8h10m(stopover in Xi’an) Shanghai Pudong Airport Thu, Sunday 3870¥ Economy Class
MU9626 China Eastern Airlines 15:10 18:35 3h25m Xi’an Xianyang Airport Thu, Sunday 2480¥ Economy Class
MU9926 China Eastern Airlines 15:10 18:35 3h25m Xi’an Xianyang Airport Thu, Sunday 2480¥ Economy Class
MU9926 China Eastern Airlines 15:10 23:55 8h45m(stopover in Xi’an) Jinan Yaoqiang Airport Thu, Sunday 3340¥ Economy Class

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