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Samzhubzê District Overview

Chinese Name: 桑珠孜区 English IPA: Sang Zhuzi Qu Location: Samzhubze District lies in southern Tibet, the northern foothills of the Himalayas(喜马拉雅山), and the intersection of the Brahmaputra(雅鲁藏布江) and the Chuihe River(楚河). Population (city): 110,000 Language: Tibetan Language Zip code: Tel code: Time zone:

Samzhubze District which is the second largest city in Tibet is a municipal district of  Shigatse City as well as the religious, political, economic and cultural center of the Tibet Autonomous Region. It was designated as a state historical and cultural city by the State Council.

Highlights of Samzhubze District

▪  Mount Everest(珠穆朗玛峰):Mount Everest(Qomolangma) is the main peak of Himalayas, which is located in the boundary between China and Nepal with its north slope in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and its south slope in Nepal. In Tibetan language, ‘Qomo’ means nymph and ‘Langma’ means the third because there are four peaks around Mount Everest and it ranked the third. As the highest peak in the world, the height of Mount Everest is 8844.43 meters according to the measurement of China’s state bureau of surveying and mapping.

▪ Tashilhunpo Monastery(扎什伦布寺):Tashilhunpo Monastery(扎什伦布寺), also known as Auspicious Sumeru Monastery(吉祥须弥寺)is the largest temple in Tibet Autonomous Region of China Shigatse(日喀则)and the place for the successive of the fourth Panchen Lama(班禅喇嘛).

▪ Sakya Monastery(萨迦寺):It  is located at the foot of Benbo Mountain(本波山), Sagya County(萨迦县), Tibetan Autonomous Region of. It is a Tibetan Buddhist monastery and the main temple of Sakya sect.

▪ Gama Ditch(嘎玛沟): It is located at the important tributary of Gama Zangbu(嘎玛藏布), the downstream of the Pengqu River(朋曲河). It is hailed as one of the “ten most beautiful landscapes in the world”, “one of the most beautiful valleys in the world” and “one of the world’s ten classic hiking routes”.

▪ Paso Monastery(帕索寺):Located in Paso Village, Samzhubze District, Shigatse City Paso Monastery which is known as the birthplace of the fourth Panchen Lama is listed as the key cultural relic’s protection units of Paso Autonomous Region.

▪ Samzhubze Palace(桑珠孜宗堡):Located in Samzhubze District, Samzhubze Palace which is known as the small Potala Palace was built in 1360 with the history of more than 600 years.

▪ Shalu Monastery(夏鲁寺)Shalu Monastery which is located southeast of Samzhubze District, is one of the larger Buddhist temples in Tibet, and is also the ancestral temple of the Tibetan Buddhism, Shalu sect.

Other Destinations in Samzhubzê District

    Samzhubzê District Attractions

    There are many amazing and imposing attractions in Samzhubze District. Here we list most of the main attractions in Samzhubze District for visitors to have a better and more wonderful trip. ▪  Mount Everest(珠穆朗玛峰):Mount Everest (Qomolangma) is the main peak of Himalayas, which is located in the boundary between China and Nepal with its north slope in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and its south slope in Nepal. In Tibetan language, 'Qomo' means nymph and 'Langma' means the third because there are four peaks around [...]

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    Samzhubzê District Tours

    Shigatze tour is one of the most attractive tours in Tibet, which can provide tourists stunning and amazing views in Tibet. It couldn’t be better to travel to Samzhubze District in Tibet. We provide some types of tour packages for visitors to Samzhubze District. Here, we recommend and arrange some efficient and suitable tour routes and tour packages in Samzhubze District, in Shigatse and even in the whole Tibet for the travelers to provide a better trip and comfortable service. Here we list some attractive highlights in Samzhubze District for [...]

    Climate & When to Go

    There are roughly three regional climates in Samzhubze. The area north of the Himalayas and south of Tanggula Mountain is a semi-arid monsoon climate of the plateau temperate zone. The north of Gangdise Mountains and Tanggula Mountain is a semi-arid and arid climate of the plateau subarctic monsoon zone, and the south of the main ridge of the Himalayas is the temperate monsoon semi-humid climate. The main climate features: thin air, low air pressure and low oxygen content; the solar radiation [...]

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    It's just a really short distance from Shigatse City to Samzhubze District. Here we recommend several ways for visitors to Samzhubze District. You can ride a bicycle to Samzhubze District from Shigatse City for only three minutes, 596 meters.  You can also walk there from Shigatse City for about ten minutes, 500 meters. If you are at Shigatse Airport, you'd better ask a taxi for help, which will cost you over one hour. If you are at Shigatse Bus Station, you can ride to [...]

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    Festivals and Activities

    The people living in Samzhubze District(桑珠孜区) will be in the four important festival one year: the New Year's day, the Spring Festival of the lunar calendar, the Tibetan year of Tibetan and the Tibetan year of Tsang(后藏). The farmers living in the valley of Nianchu(年楚河谷) , are unable to observe a festival because of the time during the Tibetan New Year is just for their spring sowing, so they advance one month to celebrate their New Year, commonly known as the Tibetan [...]

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    Travel Tips

     Here are some travel tips we listed for the visitors so that the visitors can have an unforgettable and amazing trip in Samzhubze District .  Best time travel to Samzhubze District without rainy days: September to January. September to January are the excellent months travel to Samzhubze District because these days are quite dry. The weather is beginning to get warmer with the particular periodic quick shower. It is sometimes quieter than the other peak period of September to November. Due to the [...]

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    Useful Maps

    To give the visitors a better trip in Samzhubze District, we list some related maps about the county, including Samzhubze District Maps, Samzhubze Tourist Maps, Samzhubze District Map, and Samzhubze Location Map. [...]

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    Samzhubzê District Accommodation

     There are some excellent accommodation in Samzhubze District to provide visitors a comfortable place to have dinner or rest. Here, we list some of the star-hotels and hostels to you. Shigatse Shandong Edifice(日喀则山东大厦): Located in No. 102 Shandong Road(山东路), Samzhubze District. Shigatse Mulun Lazong International Hotel(日喀则穆伦拉宗国际大酒店): Located in the intersection of Jilin Road(吉林路) and Longjiang Road(龙江路) of Samzhubze District. Shigatse Aijia Theme Hotel(日喀则爱佳主题酒店): Located in No. 15 Shanghai Middle Road(上海中路) in Samzhubze District. Rujia Budget Hotel(如家快捷酒店): Located near the Tashilhunpo Monastery(扎什伦布寺) on Jilin Road(吉林路), [...]

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