Snow Mountains in Ngari

Plan your Ngari Climbing and Hiking Tour? Top Snow Mountains in Ngari lists the most famous Snow Mountains, mountains, hills and forest parks for camping, hiking, trekking and climbing adventure tours. Around Ngari, there are numerous high Snow Mountains with hiking and climbing paths. Check the top 10 recommended Hiking and climbing Snow Mountains, The best hiking Hill Trails,The Top Mountain Forest Parks around Ngari. 

Snow mountains in Ngari are also challengable trekking sites for adventurers. Xiagangjiang Snow Mountain is located in the north of Daxiong Township, Coqen County, Ngari. the main peak of Xiagangjiang Snow Mountain is about 6822 meters. There are many plateau unique natural landscape and human landscape, which make it a domestic and overseas tourists sightseeing, tourism, and an ideal place for adventure. Surrounded by beautiful summer hills and Snow Mountains, the amazing lake, the ancient Buga Monastery, the abundant wildlife resources and the original ecological scenery are all significant and amazing to visit.