The 72 Turns of Nujiang River Grand Canyon in Baxoi County, Chamdo

For explorers, going through the 72 turns is not worth boasting, but passing through the 72 turns , which is at an altitude of 4,618 meters in Sichuan-Tibet(川藏) route, must be a true adventurer along the Nujiang River.

Here–The 72 Turns of Nujiang River Grand Canyon(怒江大峡谷72拐) in Baxoi(八宿) County, Chamdo(昌都), you may experience the physical discomfort because of high altitude, but you can also admire the spring landscape of rape flowers between the peaks and snow flying in the sky. In short, you can experience the changes of the four seasons in a day. Gradually, you will forget about your sickness, and indulge in the spectacular scenery on both sides of the road.

Want to challenge it ? More details are as follows:

Basic Facts:
Location: Baxoi(八宿) County, Chamdo(昌都) Region, Tibet(西藏) Autonomous Region
Ticket: Free
Opening time: 24 hours
Traffic: you can take the “Chengdu-Bayi(成都——八一) Town” shuttle bus, Chengdu to Bayi Town car passing by 72 crutches; You can also fly to the Bongda Prairie(邦达草原). Of course, follow our team, you don’t have to worry about it.
Accommodation: Baxoi(八宿) County or in Bongda(邦达) Town.

1 The Adventurer’s paradise
“Nujiang(怒江) 72 turns” from the lowest point 3100 meters above sea level, all the way up to the highest point YeLa(业拉) Pass 4651 meters above sea level, and then spiral down to Bangda(邦达) town at an altitude of 4100 meters. It is about 12 kilometers long. As the only route on the southern route of Sichuan(四川) and Tibet)(西藏), for many riders or drivers, it is precisely fulled with excitement and challenge that they would like to have a try.

2 experiencing four seasons in a day
The Sichuan-Tibet(四川——西藏) Highway is the most beautiful but difficult to go there in China. Along the way, it has many peaks over 4,000 meters, so it may show four seasons in a day. In this steep area, but there are the most beautiful rape flowers… square flower fields lying beside the curved road. As for those magnificent rivers and mountains, there is no words to describe them.

3 Bongda Prairie(邦达草原)at an altitude of 4200 meters——best places for taking photos
After the 72 turns of the Nujiang River (怒江) , you can come to the Bangda (邦达)Prairie –located in Baxoi County, Chamdo(昌都) City, which is bred by the high mountains and deep valleys of the Three Rivers basin. It used to be the famous “Tea Horse Ancient Road“, with blue sky and white clouds, meadows, streams, cattle, sheep and horses. In a word,that could satisfy all the fantasies of photography enthusiasts about shooting elements.
Translated by: Li Xia/李夏