Tibetan Etiquette Taboo

Tibet is famous for its majestic, magical and magnificent natural sceneries, which makes many people infinitely yearn to travel to Tibet. It is very important and necessary to understand Tibet’s tourism precautions and customs taboos.

Must-know Tibetan Etiquette and Taboo

  • There are many religious buildings in Tibetan areas, such as temples, white pagodas, etc. It is not allowed to climb, and it is forbidden to turn counterclockwise.
  • The prayer flags are also holy things. If the prayer flags are dragged on the ground, the Tibetans will also lift up and walk through below.
  • Please comply with the tips for no photos in the most temple halls.
  • Do not step on those things, such the colorful Buddha statues and scriptures in the mountains and in the rivers and do not take away the small colored stones.
  • Tibetans are in harmony with wild animals, therefore, small animals are not afraid of people. Please do not hurt these kind creatures.
  • Tibetans think that people live under the head of the gods. Therefore, it is forbidden to touch their heads.
  • It is forbidden to urinate in the spring water leached under the rocks. For the dragon god live here, it will be angry and make you sick if you smears the place.
  • Please pay attention on Hada. If offer Hadas to the elders or superiors, generally, place them on the table; for fellows, place Hadas on their hands; for the juniors, just directly hang on their necks.
  • If you want to take a portrait, please ask the approval. If others are not will to take pictures, please respect the willings of them.
  • When guests are invited to drink, guests must use the ring finger to dip the wine three times, then sip three times. The master shall pour wine for every drink, finally, drink all, which is called “three sips for one cup” and is the formal drinking etiquette. After then, guests can drink freely.  Of course, there are etiquettes for drinking tea. When a guest enters the room, the housewife or children will come to pour the butter tea, but the guests do not have to serve the tea by themselves and they can drink when the host bring the cups in front of you.
  • Tibetans stick their tongues to show respect or embarrassment rather than ridicule. It is a courtesy to put hands together.
  • When you say hello to Tibetans, you should add a “la” character to his/her name to show your honor. When you walk, you don’t walk in front of others. If you meet others, you shall make way for others. In terms of diet, it is forbidden to make sound when drinking and eating. Do not say anything when the mouth is full of food.
  • If you enter the tents and living rooms of Tibetans, you can’t use your feet to step on the threshold, or you can spit in front of others.
  • It is absolutely forbidden to eat ass meat, horsemeat and dog meat for Tibetans. And it is forbidden to eat fish in some areas.
  • It is forbidden to spit on the front or back of others and clap hands.

Travel Tips when Traveling in Tibet

  • It is better to go with others when traveling. If you feel uncomfortable, you can be timely rescued by your partner to avoid danger.
  • To prevent being bitten by some “wild dogs” that have not been vaccinated at the scenic spots, although there are not many wild dogs at various attractions, if you are unfortunately bitten, you should timely clean the wounds and immediately go to the nearest medical unit to vaccinate the rabies vaccine.
  • When encountering wild animals in Tibet, do not contact too much, especially  do not pick them up.