Main Tibet Hospitals

The conditions of health facilities in Tibet have considerably improved in recent years. Almost all major towns and cities in the Tibet autonomous region have basic medical facilities, such as western medicine treatment, Tibetan medicine treatment and Chinese herbal medicine treatment. Many of the doctors and nurses have made remarkable achievements in their respective fields. However, medical and health conditions in most hospitals are not as satisfactory as those in developed areas. But they can still provide basic health care and are of great value to saving lives when necessary. Here we give you a brief introduction of main hospitals in Tibet .

Hospitals in Lhasa

Tibet Hospital of T.A.R.

The TAR People’s Hospital is a huge hospital on the Linkuo Beilu. For emergency treatment for ailments such as mountain sickness, go to the Jijiu Zhongxin (Emergency Treatment Center) in the building right next door. There are doctors who speak English here, and if you can’t find them, ask at reception for them to be called on their pagers. If necessary, you can be admitted to the hospital here.

Add: 26 No. Niangre Road, Lhasa
Tel: 0891-6323231

Tibet People’s Hospital (Lhasa Renmin Yiyuan)

Formerly known as Lhasa People’s Hospital, this is a center for medical care, research, and education in the Tibet Autonomous Region. It lies on the eastern side of the junction between Beijing Donglu and Linlang Donglu.

Add: the eastern side of the junction between Beijing Donglu and Linlang Donglu
Tel: 0891-6371462

Second People’s Hospital of Tibet

It is a modern provincial comprehensive hospital with complete functions and services, integrating medicine, education, research, prevention, healthcare and rehabilitation and specializing in respiratory and digestive disorders. 

Add: 95 Jinzhu Xilu, Lhasa 
Tel: 0891-6835937

Tibetan Medical and Astrological Institute(Mentsikhang)

Mentsikhang is a Tibetan medicine hospital. The staff here is very kind, the prices are reasonable, and there are doctors who understand English. Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 10:00-13:00. Closed on Sunday and national holidays.

Add: on Yuthok Road and opposite the Barkhor Square
Tel: 0891-6324211

Hospitals in Shigatse

Tibetan Medicine Hospital of Shigatse Prefecture

Add: No. 03 Middle Jiefang Road, Shigatse
Tel: 0892-8822858

Tibetan Medicine Hospital of Sog County

Add: No. 7-1, Middle Suohe Road, Sog County,Shigatse
Tel: 0896-3702184

Tibetan Medicine Hospital of Lhari County

Add: No. 24 People’s East Road, Lhari County, Shigatse
Tel: 0896-3632160

Tibetan Medicine Hospital of  Xainza County

Add: No. 1 Zhaxi South Road, Xainza County, Shigatse
Tel: 0896-3682152

Tibetan Medicine Hospital of Nyainrong County

Add: Near No.7 Shenghua Road, Nyainrong County, Shigatse
Tel: 0896-3583021

Hospitals in Chamdo

Tibetan Medicine Hospital of Chamdo Prefecture

Add: No. 96, Daji Community, Hainan Street Caro District, Chamdo City
Tel: 0895-4826267

Tibetan Medicine Hospital of Gongjue County

Add: Gongjue County, Chamdo
Tel: 0895-4532156

Tibetan Medicine Hospital of Markam County

Add: Nearby No. 56 Ningjing Road, Markam County, Chamdo
Tel: 0895-4543455

Traditional Chinese Medicine Department of the People’s Hospital of Chamdo Prefecture

Add: No. 76, South Road Gate, Chamdo, Tibet
Tel: 0895-4822263

Hospitals in Shannan

Tibetan Medicine Hospital of Shannan Prefecture

Add: No. 3, Gesang Road, Naidong District, Shannan City
Tel: 0893-7828757

Tibetan Medicine Hospital of Comai County

Add: Comai County, Shannan City
Tel: 0893-7402539

Tibetan Medicine Hospital of Ngamring County

Add: Near No. 16 Weiser Road, Ngamring County, Shannan City
Tel: 0892-8312159

Hospitals in Nagchu

Tibetan Medicine Hospital of Nagqu Prefecture

Add: No. 53, Lingguo, Nagqu Town, Nagqu County, Nagqu District, Tibet
Tel: 0896-3820725

Hospitals in Nyingchi

Tibetan Medicine Hospital of Nyingchi Prefecture

Add: No. 26 Deji Road, Bayi Town, Bayi District, Nyingchi
Tel: 0894-5887808