Nanyi Lhoba Autonomous Town in Mainlin County, Nyingchi

Chinese Name: 南伊珞巴民族乡
English Name: Nanyi Lhoba Autonomous Town
Location: Located in Mainlin County(米林县), Nyingchi Prefecture(林芝市), Tibet Autonomous Region, China
Admission Fee: Free
Opening Hours: All day

About Nanyi Lhoba Autonomous Town

In December, 1984, Nanyi commune changed its name to Nanyi Lhoba Autonomous Town. An area of about 200 square kilometers, the population is 400, mainly about Lhoba and Tibetan. “Nanyi” means “Holy Land” in Tibetan language.

History and Development of Nanyi Lhoba Autonomous Town

Nanyi Lhoba Autonomous Town in Nyingchi Prefecture of Tibet is the largest settlement of Lhoba ethnic group in China. Before the peaceful liberation of Tibet, the Lhoba people lived in a slave society and their production and life were basically in the era of slash-and-burn farming and carving of wood. At that time, the vast majority of Lhoba people could not get food and clothes , but they also had to serve the lords and pay heavy taxes and duties, the Lhoba people were regarded as “savages” by Tibetan officials, aristocrats and temples. 

In the late 1950s, the Lhoba clan directly entered the modern society from the slave society. They open up land for reclamation, developed agriculture and animal husbandry according to local conditions, carried out side-by-side production of weaving bamboo and burning charcoal, and brought about tremendous changes in their production and life styles.

Main Attractions- Nanyi Lhoba Autonomous Town

Here, there is not only the beautiful scenery, but also the mysterious and unique Lhoba culture.

Attraction Transportation

1. Car– You can drive all the way from Lhasa to Bayi Town. It’s about 440 km in all. Then drive along the Niyang River to Mainling County. 
2. Boat– The boat starts in Bayi Town. The round way ticket is about CNY 580 per person.
3. Trek– Most trekkers start in Mainling County and trek along Yarlung Tsangpo River to the lower reaches.
4. Bus– Take a bus at Lhasa Station to Bayi, which leaves at 8:00 in the morning at earliest about CNY 50 per person. 
5. Yacht– It goes from the scenic center all the way to Mainling County. This service is only available in the duration of Apr. to Nov. 6 boats will be dispatched at 8:00 and 12:00 respectively.

Attraction Travel Tips

1. Traveling Hours: 2 hours
2. Traveling Seasons: All year
3.  High Altitude Sickness Avoiding: Bring enough water and some thick clothes, eating more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and so on.
4. Pay attention to respect the local customers.