Bainang County Attractions

Bainang County is a county of Xigazê in the Tibet Autonomous Region. There is a 38 KM long river, Nianchu River(年楚河), with the high flow season June - September and normal season October - May in a year.

Attractions of Bainang County

· Jiangzizongshan Anti-British Site(江孜宗山抗英遗址): the British Army invaded Tibet in Qing Dynasty(AD 1904), the famous Jiangzi defending war happened here, so Jiangzi was called a “Heroic County”.
· Jiangzi Dharmaraja Palace Site(江孜法王宫堡遗址): Bainang County is the place where Jiangzi Dharmaraja Palace located, but now just remaining the palace relics.
· Bullfighting Festival: Tibet Xigaze City Bailang County to the countryside to hold the bullfighting festival. At an altitude of more than 4500 meters on the male grassland, 23 species of yak silk hanging silk satin, to single out of the way to match, the final winner of this year on this grassland “Yak Supreme”.
·Sheep Show(sheep counting): Sheep show, or sheep counting, is a traditional activity in Bainang County during which herdsmen showcase their sheep.
· Gadong Temple: Gadong Country, Bainang County 857300, China, opening hours : 08:00 - 19:00.