Lhegu Glacier in Baxoi County, Qamdo

Chinese Name: 来古冰川
English Name: Lhegu Glacier in Baxoi County, Qamdo

Lhegu Glacier is a group of glaciers located in Chamdo Prefecture, Tibet. It is named “Lhegu” because it is situated near a village– Lhegu Village. In Tibetan language, “Lhegu” means “a hidden village of idyllic beauty”. Lhegu Village is located at the belly of Bosura Mountain southeast of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, which is also the best place for visitors to appreciate the breathtaking glacier landscape. Lhegu Glacier consists of 6 major parts-the Meixi Glacier, Yalong Galcier, Ruojiao Glacier, Dongga Glacier, Xiongjia Glacier and Niuma Glacier– each encompasses the Lhegu Village. Near Lhegu Glacier, there lays Rawok Lake– one of Tibet’s most gorgeous lakes.

The charm of the Lhegu Glacier lies in its black-and-white medial moraines. Rivers formed by melted water from the glaciers flow into the lakes. What are more astonishing are the iceberg floating into the lakes. There are some icebergs in few of the ice lakes in front of Lhegu Village. The ice lakes present different colors due to the difference in geology and soil constituent. Looking up, the black medial moraines, which run down the mountains in S shape, divide the Lhegu Glacier into several parts, like several white rivers rushing forward between black banks. These huge rivers come to a sudden stop at Lhegu Village. You can imagine this scenery only after you see one with your own eyes.

Tips of Lhegu Glacier

1. Many young people there can speak mandarin even if Lhegu Village is a Tibetan village. If you stay the night in local people’s homes, some families will even treat you with Sichuan cuisine.
2. There are some guesthouses and youth hotels nearby, charging about CNY 20 per night in Rawok Town.
3. If you plan to climb Lhegu Glacier, you need to prepare very professional mountaineering equipments.