China Railway Qingzang Group

China Railway Qingzang Group, CR Qinghai-Tibet and CRQT for short, formerly, Qinghai-Tibet Railway Company or Qingzang Railway Company is a subsidiaries company under the jurisdiction of the China Railway(formerly the Ministry of Railway). It supervises the railway network within Qinghai and Tibet. The company was founded in 2002 and reincorporated in 2017. Main hub stations include Xining, Lhasa, Golmud, Shigatse, Delingha and Nagqu.

Brief Introduction

China Railway Qingzang(Qinghai-Tibet) Group Co., Ltd. is one of the 18 railway bureaus(groups, companies) of large railway transportation enterprises managed by China Railway Corporation, which has jurisdiction over two provinces, Qinghai and Tibet. The establishment of the Qingzang Railway Company promotes ties between the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and all parts of the country, and strengthens the connection among ethnic groups. It has advanced the economic development of this area. With the approval of the State Council, on September 3, 2002, Qingzang Railway Company was officially established in Xining City, Qinghai Province. Since 00:00 on March 18, 2005, the Ministry of Railways has abolished 41 railway sub-bureaus under the jurisdiction of 18 railway bureaus (groups and companies), and the stations and depots under the former railway sub-bureaus have been placed under the direct jurisdiction of the Railway Bureau. Xining Railway Branch and Golmud Railway Branch were abolished and renamed Xining Railway Office and Golmud Railway Office respectively.

On December 22, 2014, train ticket pre-sale period of Qingzang Railway Company was extended to 60 days.

On November 4, 2017, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce announced that the name change of the Qingzang Railway Company, which is owned by China Railway Company, has been approved, and the name of the Qingzang Railway Company has been changed to China Railway Qingzang Group.

Scope of Jurisdiction

China Railway Qingzang Group has jurisdiction over 4 main lines and 6 branch lines.

Four Main Lines

1. Lanqing(Lanzhou-Qinghai) Railway: Haishiwan(海石湾)-Xining West Railway Station(西宁西站); 113 kilometers.
2. Qinghai-Tibet Railway: Xining West Railway Station-Lhasa; 1156 kilometers.
3. LaRi(Lhasa-Shigatse) Railway: Lhasa-Shigatse; 253 kilometers.
4. Lanxin High-speed Rail: Minhe South Railway Station(民和南站)-Haomen(浩门镇); 201 kilometers.

Six Branch Lines

1. Haiyan North Branch Line: Haiyan Railway Station(海晏站)-Haiyan North Railway Station(海晏北); 2.634 kilometers.
2. Denan-Debei Branch Line: Delingha Railway Station(德令哈站)-Delingha North Railway Station(德令哈北); 4.366 kilometers.
3. NingDa Branch Line: Xining-Datong(大通); 35.793 kilometers.
4. Shuanghuang Branch Line: Shuangzhai(双寨)-Huangyuan(湟源); 43.641 kilometers.
5. ChaKa Branch Line: ChaHanNuo Railway Station(察汗诺)-Chaka Station(茶卡); 36.517 kilometers.
6. Hamu Branch Line: Haergai Railway Station(哈尔盖站)-Muli Railway Station(木里站); 141.398 kilometers.
7. Ganheyuan Branch Line: Shuangzhai Railway Station(双寨站)-Ganheyuan(甘河园); 11.550 kilometers.

Extended length of the line is 3143.474 kilometers, including the dual line section of 813.377 kilometers, 1480 turnouts, 1219 bridges(177,987 linear meters), 3513 culverts(64,456 lengthens meters) and 55 tunnels(22,071 lengthens meters). There are 107 railway stations (2 first class stations, 5 second class stations, 15 third class stations, 18 fourth class stations and fifth class stations), 4 block posts and an auxiliary block post. The revenue operating mileage is 2207 kilometers.

Directly Affiliated Stations and Depots

Railway Stations: Xining Railway Station, Golmud Railway Station, Delingha Railway Station, Nagqu Railway Station and Lhasa Railway Station

Train Operation Depot: Xining Train Depot, Golmud Train Depot, Delingha Train Depot.

Passenger Traffic Section: Xining Passenger Service Section.

Locomotive Depots: Xining Locomotive Depot, Golmud Locomotive Depot.

Power Feed Section: Xining Power Feed Section.

Track Maintenance Divisions: Xining Track Division, Golmud Track Division, Delingha Track Division.

Car Depots: Xining Car Depot, Xining East Car Depot.

Communication and Signaling Section: Xining Communication and Signaling Section.

Others: Xining Communication Section, Xining Public Work Machinery Section and Housing life section.