Shangri-La- Nyingchi Railway

Just as its name implies, the Shangri-la-Nyingchi Railway(Xianglin Line for short) is a railway from Shangri-La to Nyingchi. It is an important section of the Yunnan-Tibet Railway, which is connected to the Lixiang(Lijiang-Shangari-la) Railway and the Lalin(Lhasa-Nyingchi) Railway.

Route Description

Route: Shangari-la-Baima Snow MountainDeqin CountyMeili Snow MountainZogang CountyNujiang RiverBaxoi CountyBome County-Nyingshi.

The Shangri-la-Nyingchi Railway is drawn from Shangri-La Station of the Lixiang Railway through Zhongdian, crossing the Luole Mountain罗勒山(10.1-kilometer Tunnel), Yeka页卡(10.35-kilometer Tunnel), and passing through the Baima Snow Mountain to Deqin at the junction of Yunnan and Tibet with a tunnel of 15.85 kilometers; Across the Lancang River, passing through Meili Snow Mountain into Tibet by a 15.65-kilometer long tunnel, reaching Bitu Town. Then turning north along the Yuqu River(玉曲), through Zayu, Zogang and turn west, passing through Tiantuo(田妥) and leaving Yuqu river; going up along Lengqu River(冷曲), the Nujiang River tributary, and going up through River Valley to the Anjiula pass安久拉垭口(4442 meters above sea level, the highest point of the railway); And then passing through Bome and Tongmai from east to west along the Parung Zangpo, then going south along the Layue River(拉月曲), crossing Demula Tunnel(德姆拉隧道) and arriving in Nyingchi. The length of the railway line is about 900 kilometers.

Basic Information

Chinese Name 香林铁路
English Name Shangari-La-Nyingchi Railway
Beginning and Ending Shangari-la of Yunnan-Nyingchi of Tibet
Length About 900 kilometers
Related Railways Lixiang Railway and Lalin Railway
Affiliated Railway(所属路线) Yunnan-Tibet Railway
Abbreviation XiangLin Line
Status Under Construction