Nagqu Transportation- By Trains

Nagqu Transportation by Train mainly introduces the latest trains from and to Nagqu and the information of the trains in Nagqu Railway Station. Going to Nagqu by train is another choice. It is very convenient to get to Nagqu by train  and safer than by road and car. At the same time, trains into Tibet help the body gradually adapt to the rising altitude.

Major Railway Stations in Nagqu

In Nagqu, almost every county has one railway station. Built at 4,513 meters above sea level, Nagqu railway station is the second most important train station in Tibet. Being both the transit station and depot station along the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, it is 8 km south of Nagqu, 322 km from Lhasa Railway Station and 820 km away from Golmud Train Station. The station was constructed in 2006, which is located in Emadige village of Mendi town, Nagqu and is close to Qinghai-Tibet Highway

Train Schedule of Nagqu

Train No. From-To Departure Time Arrival Time Duration Distance(km)
Z223 Nagqu-Lhasa 06:11 09:55 3h50m 322
Z322/Z323 Nagqu-Lhasa 06:11 09:55 3h50m 322
Z917 Nagqu-Lhasa 07:28 11:20 3h58m 326
Z6801 Nagqu-Lhasa 07:31 11:20 3h55m 322
Z21 Nagqu-Lhasa 08:43 12:45 4h8m 322
Z9814 Nagqu-Xining 12:19 05:50 17h43m 1,650
Z264/Z265 Nagqu-Lhasa 12:35 16:45 4h28m 322
Z6802 Nagqu-Xining 12:39 06:43 18h10m 1,650
Z918 Nagqu-Lanzhou 12:43 09:24 20h47m 1,866
Z164/Z165 Nagqu-Lhasa 14:33 19:35 5h11m 310
Z163/Z166 Nagqu-Shanghai 15:17 11:51 44h40m 4,051
Z9803 Nagqu-Lhasa 15:50 20:35 4h45m 322
Z263/Z266 Nagqu-Guangzhou 16:39 20:00 51h27m 4,658
Z22 Nagqu-Beijing West 19:39 08:28 36h55m 3,435
Z321/Z324 Nagqu-Chengdu 22:05 06:58 32h59m 3,038
Z224 Nagqu-Chongqing West 22:05 06:40 32h41m 2,733


  • The above information is just for reference. if any change is based the real-time information.
  • You can book a train ticket yourself 10 days in advance at most. Or if you want to book ticket or arrange a Tibet tour, you can contact us, our travel consultant will provide attentive services. We have many tour packages related to Nagqu and Lhasa in Tibet. Check more information about Nagqu tour and Lhasa tour. Please contact us if you have any problems.
  • Generally, the seats on the train in China have two types including soft seat and hard seat. Also, there are two kinds of sleeper seats on China’s trains which are hard berth and soft berth. Hard berth are divided into upper berth, middle berth and lower hard sleeper (lower berth is the best); while soft berth are divided into upper berth and lower berth (lower berth is better).
  • In China, taking a train is a comparative cheaper way to cut down the travel cost.
  • You need to take the baggage by yourself and keep an eye on them during the journey. Trains in Tibet may be crowded when in the domestic travel seasons as well as summer holidays.