Zogang County Attractions

Zogong County, (Tibetan: མཛོ་སྒང་རྫོང་ Wylie mdzo sgang rdzong; Chinese: 左贡县; Pinyin: Zuǒgòng Xiàn) is a county of the Chamdo Prefecture in the Tibet Autonomous Region.

Attractions of Zogang County

Dongba Folk House: Dongba Folk House(东坝民居), looks like a majestic monastery, with high artistic value.

Pabala Lake: Pabala Lake(帕巴拉神湖), many eminent monks come here to offer a sacrifice to Pabala Lake, meanwhile, the living Buddha Pabala of Qiangbalin Monastery(强巴林寺) also come here to view the lake, so the lake is called Pabala Lake(帕巴拉神湖).

Three Monasteries of Zogang County: Three Monasteries of Zogang County(左贡三大寺), which are Zogang Monastery (左贡寺), Tuka Monastery(土卡寺), and Tiantuo Monastery(田妥寺), the biggest one Zogang Monastery (左贡寺) built on Xiangbi Mountain(象鼻山) looks like the Potala Palace.

Zhonglinka Ancient Tombs: Zhonglinka Ancient Tombs(中林卡古墓群) is famous for its numerous sarcophagus belonging to Neolithic period.

Bitu Scenic Spot: Bitu Scenic Spot(碧土风景区), Yuqu River is running through Zogang County, three consecutive 180°river bends formed a beautiful scenic area in Bitu Town.

Wild Vineyard of Dongba: Wild Vineyard of Dongba(东坝野生葡萄园), Farms, Dongba Township(东坝乡), Zogang County, Qamdo Prefecture, Tibet Tibetan Aut. Region.

Zogang County in E Tibet to have 2 new power stations
The Zogang County in eastern Tibet's Chamdo Prefecture is to have two new township-level power stations by July, said the Water Resources Bureau of Zogang.