Gangpula Snow Mountain in Lhatse County, Shigatse

Chinese Name: 岗普拉
English Name: Gangpula Snow Mountain in Lhatse County, Shigatse
Location: Located in Lhatse County, Shigatse Prefecture, Tibet Autonomous Region
Admission Fee: Free
Opening Hours: All Day

About Gangpula Snow Mountain

Gangpula Snow Mountain(岗普拉)is located in the southwest of Mingma Village(明码村), Chawu Township(查务乡), Lhatse County(拉孜县), Shigatse Prefecture, Tibet Autonomous Region. The round-shape Gangpula Snow Mountain is surrounded by many other snow mountains with different shapes. There are lush pastures at the waist of the mountain, and the shrubwood, hot springs and river valleys gathering together at the foot of the mountain. Every year, countless believers revolve around Gangpula Snow Mountains to bless and worship in an endless stream. Revolving around mountains, believers have to walk at least 38 kilometers. The snow mountain area is about 30 square kilometers, where the snowy scenery located at about 5300 meters above sea level, and the main peak of the mountain is about 6800 meters above sea level.

The Features of Gangpula Snow Mountain

Gangpula Snow Mountain is presented to the world with its danger, uniqueness, beauty and elegance. It is magnificent and exquisite. With the changes of the time and the weather, sometimes it will be filled with colorful clouds and mysterious frog. Sometimes it will look like the blue sky or the aquamarine mirror glittering with the shiny sunshine like a diamond. Sometimes the glow of the rays reflects on the snow peaks, it will turns to a beautiful and mysterious ferry in the red yarn, delicately and gorgeously.

Main Attractions of Gangpula Mountain

The landscapes in Gangpula Snow Mountain can be divided into snow area landscape, grassland landscape, primeval forest landscape, shrub landscape, snow mountain water scene, hot springs, and religious practicing caves, etc. Among them, the grassland landscape is 5 square kilometers, the original forest is 0.4 square kilometers, the bush 1.2 square kilometers, surrounded by 108 kinds of trees, 108 eyes of holy hot springs, 108 snow mountain waterscape, 108 religious practicing caves.

Gangpula Snow-capped Mountain is also very rich in all kinds of wild animals and plants. To wild animals there are snow leopard, brown bear, wolf, fox, argali, roebuck, snow pigs, snow chicken, weasels, hyenas, which are all listed as the national protected wild animals; the plant has pine, willow, cypress, seabuckthorn trees, saussurea involucrata, and yellow mushroom and so on.

Attraction Transportation

There is only one train running through Lhatse which passes over 253 kilometers for the ticket fee of 40 RMB.  It takes about 3 hours by car.

Attraction Travel Tips

  1. Traveling Hours: 1 day
  2. Traveling Seasons: Summer and Autumn 
  3. High Altitude Sickness Avoiding: Bring enough water or drinks, fruits and snacks with high caloric content.
  4. Pay attention to prepare some cold weather gear like a hat, gloves, a scarf and a thick winter coat.
  5. Dry season is better than rainy season for mountaineering.