Shigatse Transportation – By Long Distance Bus

Highways in Shigatse extend in all directions, including national highway 318, Riya(Shigatse-Yadong) highway, Lapu(Lhasa-Purang) highway and China-Nepal highway. Most travelers have chosen to go to Shigatse from Lhasa because Lhasa is usually the starting destination of a Tibet tour. 

Main Long-distance Bus Station in Shigatse

Every district and county in Shigatse has its own bus terminal. The most important one is Shigatse bus station. There are buses departing from Lhasa Bus Station to Shigatse Bus Station. And if you want to travel to other places in Shigatse Like Tingri countyGyantse countyLhatse countyYadong county and Zhangmu Town, you can take regular buses at Shigatse Bus Staion, and transfer to other counties from the destination county bus station.

Shigatse Long-distance Bus Schedule

Departure Staiton Destinations Distance Duration Fare
Lhasa Bus Station Shigatse 260 kilometers 5 hours 60-80 yuan
Shigatse Bus Staiton Tingri County 240 kilometers 4.5 hours 88 yuan
Shigatse Bus Staiton Gyantse County 91 kilometers 2 hours 38 yuan
Shigatse Bus Staiton Lhaze County 152 kilometers 3 hours 70 yuan
Shigatse Bus Staiton Nyalam County 444 kilometers 8 hours 109 yuan
Shigatse Bus Staiton Yadong County 299 kilometers 5 hours 66 yuan
Shigatse Bus Staiton Zhangmu Town 477 kilometers 8 hours 113 yuan