Rise of e-commerce makes its mark in Tibet

2019-12-06 14:21:00 China Daily

Southwest China’s Tibet autonomous region has seen rapid growth in its logistics industry in recent years, and online shopping, which used to be difficult due to geographic and transportation factors, has become popular in the region, according to China Tibet News.

Since 2016, when a series of preferential policies on e-commerce were carried out by all levels of government, the amount of the region’s e-commerce and logistics business increased, a comprehensive logistics network has been rapidly formed, and the speed of dispatch and distribution has become much faster now.

Some of China’s leading e-commerce firms, like JD, Vipshop and Suning, and express companies have set up branches in Tibet.

As of now, the region has eight highway freight stations, 422 logistics companies, 230 commerce and trading enterprises, and 16 cold chain warehouses, including three refrigeration warehouses with capacities surpassing 10,000 tons.

More and more Tibet residents choose online shopping and more are enjoying free shipping.

Even villagers near Qomolangma, known as Mount Everest in the West, can receive packages from locally-based courier companies, like Cainiao.