Shigatse Transportation – By Air

At present, there is only one airport in Shigatse serving passengers, Shigatse Peace Airport. Currently, flights to and fro Shigatse airport are relatively limited.

Shigatse Peace Airport

Shigatse Peace Airport is located in Jangdam Township of Samzhubze District, Shigatse, about 43 kilometers to downtown area. It was officially put into use on October 30, 2010. Shigatse airport is the 5th civilian airport in Tibet after Lhasa Gonggar AirportQamdo Bamda AirportNyingchi Mainling Airport and Ngari Gunsa Airport. Tourists can fly to Shigatse from ChengduXi’anShanghai(transit in Xi’an), Chongqing, etc. 

Airport Transportation

Travellers can take airport bus or taxi to Shigatse airport from the urban area. The departure point of the airport shuttle bus is within the civil aviation Shigatse base in urban area. The daily departure time is determined by the flight times. The ticket price is 30 yuan/person.

Airport Expressway

The main line of the airport expressway starts from the intersection of Shigatse airport and G318, passing through Jangdam township, Gadong town, Paltsel township and Gyacoxung township, and ends at Lianzhuo village, intersecting with Shigatse ring highway under construction. On September 15, 2017, the special expressway between Shigatse airport and the downtown of Shigatse was officially opened to traffic. The special freeway from Shigatse airport to the urban area shortens the driving time of the city residents to the airport by 30 minutes, greatly facilitating the travel of local residents and promoting the development of local tourism.

Shigatse Flights

Flights to Shigatse

Flight No. Airlines Place of Departure Departure/Arrival Time Frequency
TV9818 Tibet Airlines Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport 06:15-08:55 Every day
ZH3944 Shenzhen Airlines Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport 06:15-08:55 Every Day
TV6013 Tibet Airlines Xi’an Xianyang International Airport 07:15-10:50 Every Day
CA3905 Air China Xi’an Xianyang International Airport 07:15-10:50 Every Day
ZH3933 Shenzhen Airlines Xi’an Xianyang International Airport 07:15-10:50 Every Day
MU9625 China Eastren Airlines Xi’an Xianyang International Airport 10:35-14:00 Thursday, Sunday
MU9625 China Eastren Airlines Shanghai Pudong International Airport 06:45-14:00(transit in Xi’an) Thursday, Sunday
PN6449 West Air Chongqing Jiangbei Airport 06:25-09:40 Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday

Flights from Shigatse

Flight No. Airlines Destination Departure/Arrival Time Frequency
TV9817 Tibet Airlines Chengdu 12:00-14:30 Every Day
TV6014 Tibet Airlines Xi’an 09:45-12:50 Every Day
CA3906 Air China Xi’an 09:45-12:50 Every Day
MU9626 China Eastern Airlines Xi’an 14:40-17:30 Thursday, Sunday
MU9626 China Eastern Airlines Shanghai 14:40-21:45 Thursday, Sunday
PN6450 West Air Chongqing 10:20-12:55 Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday

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