Tianjin – Qamdo Flights

Tianjin – Qamdo Flights offer the flight schedules between Tianjin and Qamdo. The distance between the two cities is approximately 2,814.2 kilometers. Tianjin (天津) is a municipality and a coastal metropolis in Northern China on the shore of Bohai Sea, it is one of the nine national central cities in Mainland China, with a total population of 15,621,200 as of 2016 estimation. Tianjin borders Hebei Province and Beijing Municipality, bounded to the east by the Bohai Gulf portion of the Yellow Sea. Part of the Bohai Economic Rim, it is the largest coastal city in northern China. Qamdo (昌都) is located in the key link of the boundary among Tibet, Sichuan, Qinghai and Yunnan and the place that Sichuan-Tibet Railway and Yunnan-Tibet Railway must pass through. In ancient time, Qamdo is the important stop of Tea Horse Route and famed as the ‘Pearl of Tibet’ due to its pivot position on Tibetan commerce and trade. This page is about how to travel  beween Tianjin and Qamdo by air.


  • Qamdo Bangda Airport昌都邦达机场
    Address: Bangda Township, Baxoi, Qamdo, Tibet昌都市八宿县邦达乡
    Brief Introduction: Bangda Airport is one of civilian airports with longest runway in the world, with an altitude of more than 4300 meters and a runway of 5 kilometers. The airport provides domestic services from Lhasa to Chengdu, Xining, Xi’an, Beijing, Chongqing and from Qamdo to Chengdu, as well as international services from Lhasa to Nepal.
  • Tianjin Binhai International Airport 天津滨海国际机场
    Tianjin Binhai International Airport (IATA: TSN, ICAO: ZBTJ) is an airport located in Dongli District, Tianjin. It is one of the major air cargo centers in the People’s Republic of China.
    Website: www.tbia.cn

Tianjin – Qamdo Flights

There are no direct flights flying from Tianjin Binhai International Airport to Qamdo Bangda Airport. These flights were mainly provided by  Air China, Western Airlines and Tibet Airlines, which are all daily flights. The whole journey takes about 10 hours and 45 minutes to 24 hours and 20 minutes. Some flights will change in different months, the following is only for your reference. Discount tickets are available.  (All departure/arrival times are local time) 

Flight Number Departs  Arrives Duration Stops Reference Price(¥)
PN6238/PN6215 20:40 08:25 11h45m(stay time:7h) Chongqing 704
22:30 08:50 10h20m(stay time:5h55m) Xian 897
07:30 07:50 24h20m(stay time:19h45m) Chengdu 2500

Qamdo – Tianjin Flights

There are no direct flights flying from  Qamdo Bangda Airport to Tianjin Binhai International Airport. It takes about 5 hours and 45 minutes to 7 hours and 5 minutes.You can choose flights according to your needs.

Flight Number Departs  Arrives Duration Stops Reference Price(¥)
TV6054/GS7581 09:45 15:40 5h55m (stay time:2h) Xian 1302-2650
TV9907 09:25 16:30 7h5m Chongqing 3025-3965
14:25 5h45m (stay time:2h) Chengdu 2100

Please Note: 

1.The above flight might be slightly changed due to practical situation, feel free to contact us for the detailed and newest information.

2.Tibet travel permit is required for entering Lhasa and travelling around Tibet, make sure you got the permit before you check in to your flight, or you will not be allowed to board the plane. If you don’t have the permit, we could offer the service include the permit application,  flight booking and Tibet tour arrangement.