Trial performance of Princess Jincheng large-scale stage drama held

The news was updated on August 19, 2019.

On the evening of August 9, accompanied by song and dance, the stage curtain slowly fell, which marked the completion of the first trial performance of the large-scale stage drama Princess Jincheng performed in Cijuelin Village on the southern bank of the Lhasa River, southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region.

It is reported that Princess Jincheng tells the story 1,300 years ago of Princess Jincheng who, after Princess Wencheng married the Tubo King, also came to Tibet and married. Unlike the Princess Wencheng large-scale epic drama, which shows Princess Wencheng’s journey of heart to Tibet, Princess Jincheng focuses on Princess Jincheng’s real life and experience after she came to Tibet. She vigorously developed medicine, constructed water conservancy, opened trade on the Tea Horse Road, benefited frontier people, and had a profound impact on the Tubo Kingdom’s economy, culture, and agricultural production. She won the heartfelt love and admiration of the Tibetan people.

He Ping, chairman of the Yushang Hemei Cultural Tourism Co., Ltd., said that the Princess Jincheng stage drama is a companion piece to the Princess Wencheng large-scale epic drama. It shows the innovative development of Tibetan culture and art in the new era. This drama uses brand-new performance styles and modern expression techniques to vividly portray the image of Princess Jincheng, who was deeply loved and revered by the Tibetans, and shows her altruistic nature. It is worth mentioning that the main creators and actors of the drama are composed of a both Han and Tibetan cultural backbone and is a crystallization of them.

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