Traditional Tibetan medical services available in 89 pct of Tibet’s township clinics

The news was updated on August 21, 2019.

Traditional Tibetan medical services are available in 89 percent of township clinics in China’s Tibet autonomous region, according to a forum on Tibetan studies held here Tuesday.

Figures also showed that Tibet now has 43 public-funded healthcare institutions of traditional Tibetan medicine and 13 private-run hospitals of traditional Tibetan medicine.

Tibet has held conferences on promoting Traditional Tibetan medicine thrice and laid out a series of policy initiatives towards the end, with funds allocated annually for improving traditional Tibetan medicine service capacity, according to the chief of Tibet Autonomous Region Hospital of Traditional Tibetan Medicine.

As of the end of 2018, the annual number of visits people made to seek traditional Tibetan medical treatment reached 3.29 million in Tibet, with more than 3,700 registered traditional Tibetan medicine practitioners.

Besides the Tibet Autonomous Region Academy of traditional Tibetan medicine, Tibet also has one center and two sites for monitoring Tibetan medicinal materials.

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