Tibet Travel in May

May is the beginning of the travel season in Tibet. Since this month, Tibet begins to get rid of the keyword of cold. In the meanwhile, May is also the beginning of the rainy season in Tibet. Tourists travel into Tibet through the plane and Qinghai-Tibet Railway one after another, and there are more and more people on the streets in Lhasa. Entering Tibet in May, it’s not the most visited time in Tibet. The scenery is beautiful and the lake is thawed, May is a good time to visit Tibet.

Tibet Weather Feature in May

The rainy season begins in Tibet in May. In May, most of the rainfall in Tibet is concentrated in Nyingchi and Shannan areas, and the rainy season begins in Lhasa in June. In May, the overall temperature in Tibet tends to be on the rise. In early May, there is a slight feeling of spring cold. By late May, the feeling of summer will be coming. The average temperature in Tibet in May is 5-20℃. The morning and evening temperatures are still relatively low, so coats are needed to keep out the cold.

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What to Wear in Tibet in May

Actually, it won’t be that cold to go to Tibet in May. When going to Shannan, Nyingchi, Lhasa and Shigatse and other areas with lower elevations, long sleeves and windproof jackets are enough. While going to some places with higher altitude, you need to add a lightweight down jacket. 

What to Wear in Lhasa in May

The average temperature in Lhasa in May is around 6-23℃, with the highest temperature reaching 28℃. In May, it is advisable to wear knitwear with a light down jacket. The temperature is high at noon, you can wear single layer or even short sleeve, but the morning and evening in Lhasa are still chilly, it is suggested to wear warm clothes in the morning when going out, and you can take off your coat when getting hot. In May, the sun hat and sunglasses are indispensable, you should pay attention to moisturizing and sun potection when doing skin care.

What to Wear in Nyingchi and Shannan in May

Tibet’s rainy season begins with Nyingchi. The average temperature of Nyingchi in May is 10-23℃. Although the altitude of Nyingchi is lower than that of Lhasa, the sunshine in Nyingchi will converge slightly due to the rich vegetation and clouds, so the sensible temperature will be lower. You need to prepare rain gear when travelling to Nyingchi in May. You can wear the summer clothes with a coat, people who are afraid of cold can prepare a knitted sweater.

The average temperature in Shannan in May is about the same as that in Lhasa. The vegetation in Shannan is less than that in Nyingchi, so the temperature will be higher. Travel to Shannan in May, the temperature is appropriate, long sleeve with jacket or light down jacket is enough. In addition, remember to keep warm in the morning and evening, and pay attention to sun protection in the daytime. 

What to Wear in Shigatse in May

The average temperature of Shigatse in May is between 6-22℃, cold in the morning and evening, and hot at noon. It may sometimes very cold in Shigatse, you need to wear thick down jacket, sometimes very hot, you can wear short sleeves. In most cases, it is suggested to wear knitwear with a lightweight down jacket, so it won’t that cold in the morning and evening, and that hot at noon.

What to Wear at Mount Everest in May

Temperatures at Everest base camp in May ranges from 0 to 20℃. When traveling at Everest base camp, you still need to wear winter clothing, down jacket, outdoor jacket and turtleneck sweater are better choices. Because of warmer weather, you can spend more time outdoors on the Mount Everest, and you can hike for a while. So knitted sweater with down jacket is also a good choice.

What to Wear at Namtso Lake in May

The weather of Namtso Lake in May is actually still cold, with the average temperature of 0-15℃. Namtso Lake has more sunny and cloudy days with occasional snow. Because Namtso Lake is located in the north of Nienchen Tanglha Mountain, there is a big temperature difference between it and Damxung County on the reverse side. You need to wear thick winter clothing at Namtso Lake in May, down jacket, which can proof the wind and keep warm, is best. Due to the strong wind, wearing a hat is a good choice.

What to Wear at Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarova in May

Heavy winter clothing is required to go to Mount Kailash in May. The accommodation points on the way are high in elevation and low in temperature. Therefore, it is recommended that those who plan to do Mount Kailash kora in May should prepare more cold protection equipments. Shoes and trousers should be water-proof and cold-proof, as Mount Kailash in May may still be covered with snow.

What to Do in Tibet in May

Things to Do in Lhasa in May

Lhasa is suitable for travel throughout the year. When travelling in Lhasa, the scenic spots that tourists often go are Potala PalaceJokhang TempleBarkhor StreetNorbulingka PalaceSera MonasteryDrepung Monastery and the like. 

Things to Do in Nyingchi and Shannan in May

The tourism of Nyingchi and Shannan is mainly based on natural landscape. It is very comfortable to see the mountains and lakes on the 318 national highway through the wood. Main attractions in Shannan and Nyingchi include Yamdrok LakeYarlung Tsangpo ValleyPagsum LakeMount NamjagbarwaLulang Forest, etc. 

Things to Do in Shigatse in May

After the peach blossoms festival of Nyingchi in April, Shigatse gradually ushered its tourist season from May. Shigatse is the only way to Everest base camp, as well as Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarova in Ngari. When you are in Shigatse, Tashilhunpo Monastery there is worth a visit. 

Visiting Everest Base Camp in May

By May, the temperature is rising and the tent hotels at Everest Base Camp are put up again. In fact, May is the best month to travel to Mount Everest compared to June-August of the rainy season. At this time, the weather is still fine, Mount Everest can be seen clearly. Moreover, Everest base camp is less visited, and the temperature rises, you can spend more time outdoors.

Visiting Namtso Lake in May

In May, Namtso Lake is totally unfrozen, clear and green. In the distance, Nyenchen Tanglha Mountain stands quietly on the bank of Namtso, guarding the green lake and blue sky. In early May, there is still some floating ice in Namtso Lake, but the situation that heavy snow closes the road won’t appear. Namtso Lake can be added in your itinerary. 

Visiting Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarova in May

The traditional Tibetan festival, Saga Dawa festival, usually falls in May. As the celebration activities of Saga Dawa festival include circumanbulation, mountain kora and lake kora, etc., May is also the peak season for Mount kailash kora and Lake Manasarova kora. 

Notes: In May, the peak tourist season of Lhasa begins, and train tickets to Tibet are in high demand. The rainy season in Lhasa in May has not yet come, and the weather is mostly sunny.

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