Tibet Travel in October

Tibet has begun to take on autumn colors in October. Golden leaves and golden highland barley fields dot the Tibet land in October. In early October, China has a seven-day National Day holiday, which many Chinese tourists choose to visit Tibet. It is also the last time for a large number of tourists to visit Tibet before the end of the peak tourism season. From mid-October, the tents at Everest base camp will begin to slowly evacuated as the weather and temperature change, but Everest Base Camp is still accessible. Travel to Tibet in October should stagger the peak tourist season, avoid noisy crowds(National Day Holiday from October 1-7).

Tibet Weather Feature in October

In October, temperatures in Tibet begin to go down, although most areas remain above freezing. The average temperature on the Qinghai-Tibet plateau is between 1-17℃. Although the nights get colder in October, the bright sun and clear sky at the high elevations of the plateau mean the daytime is still quite warm. The whole plateau is filled with brilliant sunshine throughout October, with little rain, and the thinner clean air makes the ultraviolet rays intensify again after the summer. In Lhasa, known as the “the city of sunshine”, temperatures remain mild, ranging from 2℃ at night to around 18℃ during the daytime, with more sunny days than cloudy ones and less than 10 millimeters of rainfall in a month.

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What to Wear in Tibet in October

October is the watershed of Tibet weather. The weather in the first half of the month is still very comfortable and warm, suitable for wearing a comfortable coat to go sightseeing everywhere. The weather begins to turn cold in the second half of the month. Although the scenery is still beautiful and even becomes more colorful due to the arrival of late autumn, tourists needed thicker clothes to arm themselves. In October, the temperature of Tibet is around 7-17℃, and the feeling of autumn is gradually thickening. You need to wear autumn clothes and bring winter clothes, sunglasses, suncreen and scarf when you travel to Tibet.

What to Wear in Lhasa in October

The average temperature of October in Lhasa is 8℃-20℃. You need to wear a coat to protect yourself from the cold in the early morning and in the evening, lightweight down jacket is best. During the daytime, you should wear long-sleeved clothes inside and a coat outside, generally not too hot. In October in Lhasa wearing a coat when sightseeing is relatively comfortable, wearing short sleeves will be a little cold.

What to Wear in Shigatse in October

The average temperature of Shigatse in October is 8℃-18℃. The weather turns cold, and you should pay attention to keep warm. Visitors from Lhasa to Shigatse should wear thin sweaters and warm coat. Try to avoid catching cold at high altitudes.

What to Wear at Everest Base Camp in October

Travel to Mount Everest in October, the weather is not as warm as summer. You’d better prepare thick down jacket, outdoor jacket and other warm clothes to defend cold. Knit hats and scarves are great for keeping warm in the Everest area.

What to Wear in Shannan and Nyingchi in October

The altitude of Shannan and Nyingchi is lower than that of Lhasa, and the temperature will be higher. In October, these two places are still warm under the circumstance of warm sun, with the temperature of 10-18 ℃. Travel to Shannan and Nyingchi in October, lightweight down jacket is enough. Shannan is the birthplace of Tibetan culture. In October, Shannan is in a clear and refreshing autumn weather, it is a good time to visit the monasteries and temples.

What to Do in Tibet in October

In October, Tibet begins to become quiet. Some areas, such as Ngari, Nagqu and other high-altitude areas, begin to enter the winter, with the temperature dropping, dry air and fewer tourists. But these places are still suitable for tourism, but most tourists choose the peak season to travel to Tibet, so after China’s National Day holiday, Tibet travel begins to enter the off-season.

Things to Do in Lhasa in October

It is already autumn in Lhasa in October, and the trees in Lhasa downtown and its suburbs are turning yellow, which adds a beautiful color to Lhasa. Lhasa is suitable for travel throughout the year. When travelling in Lhasa, the scenic spots that tourists often go are Potala PalaceJokhang TempleBarkhor StreetNorbulingka PalaceSera MonasteryDrepung Monastery and the like. 

Visiting Namtso Lake in October

In October, the last month of autumn, Namtso Lake becomes cooler and cooler, and the nights become very cold, because the lake is going into winter and covered with ice. The yaks on the grass have disappeared, they have been moved to warm places for the winter. The end of October is when the lake starts to freeze.

Things to Do in Shigatse in October

When visiting Tibet in October, we suggest that go along the national highway 318 to Mount Everest for sightseeing via Shigatse. This road is regarded as the most beautiful scenic road in China. Even in late autumn of October, it has its unique charm. In October, visitors to Shigatse downtown  from Lhasa will visit Yamdrok Lake and the Karola glacier at an elevation of more than 5,000 meters, and stay for half an hour respectively. Therefore, it is recommended that visitors from Lhasa to Shigatse wear thin sweaters and jackets, to avoid catching cold at high altitudes. From Lhasa to Shigatse in October, the scenery along the way is picturesque, the highland barley field beside the road begins to harvest, and the roadside trees on both sides begin to turn yellow and golden, especially attractive. Coupled with the decrease of rain, the unique blue sky and white clouds landscape of the plateau is also accompanied by all the way, the scenery on the way makes people relaxed and happy.

Visiting Mount Everest in October

At the end of October every year, the tent hotels at Everest base camp will start to evacuate according to the specific temperature and weather conditions, but tourists can still stay at Rongbuk Monastery for overnight, without affecting visitors to enjoy the scenery of the Mount Everest. In October, it is easier to expose the original appearance of Mount Everest. At the Jiawula mountain pass with an altitude of more than 5,200 meters, the distant high mountains more than 8,000 meters are endless. It is easiest to see all the peaks in October since the sky is cloudless.

Things to Do in Shannan and Nyingchi in October

October is the season when autumn begins to spread, and Shannan and Nyingchi areas, which are heavily forested, are ideal tourist destinations for all seasons. In October, due to the ups and downs of Tibet’s altitude, colors become rich from high to low, the woods look dyed. Shannan is the birthplace of Tibetan culture. October is a good time to visit the monasteries and temples in Shannan.

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