Tibet Travel in March

In March, weather in the mainland China begins to get warmer, with spring blossoms. Tibet travel in March is relatively lonesome than January and February. When travelling to Tibet in March, the Nyingchi region in southeast Tibet is the main tourist destination in Tibet. The Nyingchi travel tips will tell you how to enjoy Nyingchi.

Tibet Weather Feature in March

In March, the temperature in Tibet has begun to pick up, with the large temperature difference between day and night, which is basically below zero at night, and the highest temperature in the day could reach about 18℃. It is unlikely that it will snow in Tibet in March. The weather in March is still cold in Tibet, so down jacket is needed to keep warm. In addition, it should be noted that the oxygen content in the plateau in March is lower than that in summer, and the ultraviolet radiation in Lhasa is very strong and you should pay attention to sun protection.

In March, the average temperature in Tibet is around 5-10℃ below zero, the body feels colder and the high altitude area is colder and drier. Tourists to Tibet in March are mainly for the purpose of the Nyingchi Peach Blossom Festival. The peach blossoms in Nyingchi begin to bloom in late March and peak in April. Every year, a large number of tourists from home and abroad go to Nyingchi for tourism. Tibet is still dry in March, but it will be a little wetter than January and February, especially for Nyingchi in southeast Tibet. Although the peach blossoms in March are beautiful, tourists should also pay attention to keeping warm and defending cold.

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What to Wear in March

The places where tourists often visit Tibet in spring include Lhasa, Shannan, Nyingchi and Shigatse, etc. Temperature in the daytime is relatively high, sweater with thick coat and sport pants with long johns are enough. When going out at night, you should change the coat to down jacket, and you need a pair of thicker pants. The shoes should have certain heat retention, and socks should be thick with pure cotton. After making preparations for cold protection, tourist also need to pay attention to sun protection and altitude sickness. 

What to Wear in Lhasa in March

The average temperature of Lhasa in March is -2℃-12℃, and the average temperature in the daytime is about 12℃. It is recommended to wear warm clothes such as outfits, wind coat, casual wear, jacket and thin sweater. The average temperature at night is -2℃, cotton-padded clothes, winter coat, leather jacket, thick sweater, hat, gloves, fur-lined jacket and other heavy warm clothes are recommended. The weather of Shannan and Shigatse is similar with that of Lhasa. 

What to Wear in Shigatse in March

When travelling to Shigatse in March, heavy winter clothing including thermal underwears and sweaters is needed. The coat should be wind-proof and warm. You should also wear sunglasses and hat. In addition, women who are afraid of cold should remember to wear warm and comfortable scarf.

What to Wear at Everest Base Camp in March

Everest Base Camp in March is still cold, but better than that of January and February. The temperature at Everest Base Camp is much higher during the daytime than at night, so the best option is to go to Everest Base Camp during the day and then go to Tingri county or return to Shigatse to get accommodation.

Thick down jacket can be worn to enjoy the Mount Everest during the daytime. Warm shoes are also very important. At an altitude of 5,200 meters, you don’t have to walk too much to see the mountain, so do not ignore the warmth of the feet. For those who plan to watch the sunrise and sunset of Mount Everest, it is suggested that they should be fully armed, do a good preparation of windproof, reduce the skin exposed to the air, wear the sunglasses, scarf, and hat. 

What to Do in Tibet in March

In March, Besides visiting the main attractions in Lhasa and Shigatse including Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street, Norbulingka Palace, Sera Monastery, Drepung Monastery, Everest Base Camp, Tashilhunpo Monastery, Rongbuk Monastery and the like, you can also go to Nyingchi in the southeast Tibet for the peach blossoms. If possible, you can also visit Namtso Lake. 

Nyingchi in March

At the end of March, the Nyingchi peach blossoms festival is officially opened, and tourism in Tibet is gradually picking up. Nyingchi has an average elevation of only 3,000 meters, with rich vegetation and diverse terrain. There are not only river valleys and plains, but also forests and snowy mountains. Nyingchi’s unique scenery is also known as the little Switzerland of the east. March-April is the peak season for tourism in Nyingchi, not only because of the peach blossom festival in Nyingchi, but also because in March, Namjiabawa peak is easier to see, and Ranwu lake is clearer. Ranwu Lake is also in its most beautiful season.

The temperature of Nyingchi in March ranges from 0℃ to 15℃, with occasional snow. The weather in Nyingchi changes very quickly. It may still be sunny and full of flowers during the day, but after a night, the peach blossoms are covered by snow. Therefore, you can only know the weather through the weather forecast before you arrive in Nyingchi.

Nyingchi Peach Blossoms Festival

March is also the off-season for tourism in Tibet, as it is winter in other areas except Nyingchi, which enters spring. However, the number of tourists will start to increase at the end of March every year, mainly because of the peach blossom festival in Nyingchi. The peach blossom season in Nyingchi is from March 25 to April 15 every year. Nyingchi is already in spring because of its low altitude, and peach blossoms are blooming under the snowy mountains. 

Visiting Namtso Lake in March

Namtso Lake in winter is often blocked by snow. Even if the weather in Lhasa is sunny, the 4-hour drive to the gate of the Namtso park may be forced to return due to the road being closed by snow. Therefore, we generally do not recommend visitors to Namtso Lake in winter, so as not to be able to visit as planned and affect the mood and itinerary.

By march, the probability of heavy snow closing the road is relatively small, but there is still the possibility. The scenery of Namtso Lake in March is extremely beautiful. In summer, Namtso is vast as the sea, but the sparkling Namtso will be frozen in winter. In the distance, the Nyenchen Tanglha Mountain and Namtso Lake are integrated into one, while the white mountains and Namtso make the blue sky more blue and clean. 

Note: The travel to Tibet in March is mainly from Lhasa along the 318 national highway to Nyingchi, and the farthest can reach the Ranwu Lake area. The 318 national highway is also the most beautiful in this season, which is worth visiting. Lhasa in March is still in winter, while Nyingchi in March has the taste of early spring. Welcome to visit the most beautiful viewing avenue 318 national highway in March.

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