Tibet Travel in September

By September, the summer has come to an end and autumn has begun quietly in Tibet, while Tibet is still the peak season for tourists. At this time, the scenery of Tibet will be more attractive because of less rain, and there are more sunny days. With the end of the summer vacation in China, the number of tourists in Tibet will be relatively less, and Tibet will be relatively peace and quiet.

Tibet Weather Feature in September

In September, the rainy season ends and Tibet begins to enter the dry season. With less rain, the air becomes relatively dry and transparent. The unique plateau weather makes Tibet more charming. At the beginning of autumn, Tibet is less hot and the sun is not so scorching. The average temperature of Tibet in September is 7 -21℃.

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What to Wear in Tibet in September

When you travel to Tibet in September, you will be required to wear comfortable long clothes, trousers and thin coat. You should also carry warm down jacket with you. In this way, you can travel to Lhasa and Shigatse or Mount Everest and Ngari easily. 

What to Wear in Lhasa in September

The average temperature of Lhasa in September is 9-22℃, and it is cold in the morning and evening. Short sleeves can be worn for outdoor activities during the day, but if you spend more time indoors or in the shade, you need to wear a thin coat. Although there is less rain, if it rains, you need to wear a thicker coat to keep warm.

What to Wear in Shigatse in September

The average temperature of Shigatse in September is 8-21℃, which is very cool and comfortable. When visiting Tashilhunpo Monastery in Shigatse in September, you just need a thin coat in the daytime. But you need a thicker coat in the morning and evening because of large temperature difference. 

What to Wear at Everest Base Camp in September

The average temperature at Everest base camp in September is 5-12℃. When you go to Everest base camp in September, you need to bring a down jacket, even if it’s sunny during the day, you should try to stay warm. A lot of tourists watch the sunset and sunrise of Mount Everest in September, those tourists should wear more protection against the cold. Tents on Mount Everest have heating facilities that will keep you a little warmer.

What to Wear in Ngari in September

In September, the average temperature of Ngari is 9-18℃. The weather is cool and suitable for traveling in Ngari. At this time, the end of the rainy season, Ngari prairie area has less rain, and the road conditions will be much better. Mount Kailash in September is kind of cold, the temperature is around 15℃, and the peak is likely to snow. You need thick warm clothes, warm hats and scarves when visiting Mount Kailash. 

What to Do in Tibet in September

Various buddhist buildings, monasteries and palaces are convenient for viewing all year round, not affected by seasons and weather. But from June to September every year, there are more visitors, especially the Potala Palace and Jokhang Temple in Lhasa. Due to the large number of tourists, you need to queue for tickets and admission, may also meet the upper limit flow, must wait to enter and visit.

In terms of natural landscape, a visit to Tibet in September is a good time to see the mountains. The rainy season has passed, the clouds have abated, and the mountains are no longer misty. The peaks of the snow-capped mountains are easier to see in September. Visitors can see Mount Everest at Everest Base Camp, the world’s 8,000-meter snow-capped mountains at the Gawula mountain pass, Namcha Barwa peak at the Segrila Pass in Nyingchi, or Nyenchen Tanglha Mountains at Namtso Lake. Various lakes like Namtso Lake, Yamdrok Lake and Lake Manasarova are also good choices to visit. 

September is still the tourist season of Tibet, and it is the best time to visit Mount Everest. In addition, you can visit Namtso Lake, Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarova as well. 

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