Yunnan- Tibet Highway

Yunnan-Tibet Highway is the link between Kunming, Yunnan Province and Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous region. According to plan, the highway will experience four stages, Yunnan-Tibet Highway, New Yunnan-Tibet Highway, Yunnan-Tibet High Grade Highway and Yunnan-Tibet Expressway. Yunnan-Tibet Highway passing through Deqin County is also called Yunnan-Tibet North Line, Yunnan-Tibet Highway passing through Zayu County, that is New Yunnan-Tibet Highway, is called Yunnan-Tibet South Line. The future Yunnan-Tibet high grade highway, which includes some expressway sections and highland high grade highway, is a part of the 800-kilometer Lhasa-Nyingchi freeway under construction in Tibet. As for Yunnan-Tibet Expressway, it will only be a dream for a long time. At present, New Yunnan-Tibet Highway has been opened to traffic, and the distance between Yunnan and Tibet is shortened by 259 kilometers. 

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