Xinjiang – Tibet Railway

Xinjiang-Tibet Railway (or Xinzang railway, Xinjiang–Xizang railway) is a proposed railway that connected Hotan, Xinjiang and Shigatse, Tibet. It is an important part of Xinjiang Railway and Tibet Railway Network. It is one of the five planned railways to Tibet, the other four are Qingzang Railway(Qinghai-Tibet), Chuanzang Railway(Sichuan-Tibet), Dianzang Railway(Yunnan-Tibet) and Ganzang Railway(Gansu-Tibet). At present, the route is still in the stage of planning and surveying. In the future, the railway will play an important role in promoting economic development and communication between the two places. The railway is a new way because of the shortage of highway transportation, and the utilization ratio of the Xinjiang-Tibet highway is low.

Basic Information

Chinese Name 新藏铁路
English Name Xinjiang-Tibet Railway
Beginning and Ending Yecheng County, Xijiang-Lhasa, Tibet
Route Yecheng, Ngari, Shigatse, Lhasa
Constitution Riye(日叶) Railway(Shigatse-Yecheng), Lari(拉日) Railway(Lhasa-Shigatse)
Length About 2010 kilometers
Status In planning and inspection stage
Supporting Highway Xinjiang-Tibet Highway
Technical Difficulty Difficult

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