Yunnan – Tibet Railway

Yunnan-Tibet railway refers to the railway from Kunming, Yunnan to Lhasa, Tibet, which is an important route to Tibet and has a common sections with some railways. Yunnan-Tibet railway includes Kunda Railway(Kunming-Dali), DaLi Railway (Dali-Lijiang), Lixiang Railway (Lijiang-Shangri-La), Xianglin Railway(Shangri-la-Nyingchi), Lalin Railway(LhasaNyingchi). Yunnan-Tibet railway is one of the five railways to Tibet(the other four are QinghaiTibet Railway, Sichuan-Tibet Railway, Xinjiang-Tibet Railway, Gansu-Tibet Railway), which makes the traffic between Yunnan and Tibet unhindered in the four seasons. Yunnan-Tibet railway also belongs to the Tibet Railway Network.

Basic Information

Chinese Name 滇藏铁路
English Name Yunnan-Tibet Railway
Starting Point Kunming
Terminal Point Lhasa
Length 1573.3 kilometers
Design Speed 120-160 km/h
The common section with Dage Railway(Dali-Golmud) Xiaguan of Dali City-Bangda Town in Tibet, passing through Lijiang, Shangri-la and Deqin County
The common section with Sichuan-Tibet Railway Markam County-Lhasa
Constitution Kunda Railway(Kunming-Dali), DaLi Railway(Dali-Lijiang), Lixiang Railway(Lijiang-Shangri-La), Xianglin Railway(Shangri-la-Nyingchi), Lalin Railway(Lhasa-Nyingchi)
Relying Highway Yunnan-Tibet Highway